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Friday evening field trip with the rest of the work gang to try steamboat aka hotpot aka shabu shabu aka cook your food yourself. If I eat at a restaurant, I usually use the name of the place as the title of the post. As you can see by the picture, I have no clue what the name of the place is. (Dear Mandarin lessons: Please Hurry!)

Other than the fact that we were maneuvering through the MRT system at rush hour with about 8 people, the trip to this area of Singapore was pretty easy. It’s easiest to get here via the Bugis MRT station. Bugis Junction will spit you out right onto Liang Seah Street which is chock full of eateries. The part of Beach Road near this area has TONS of steamboat places at differing prices. Browse around a pick a favorite.

We ate buffet style although it’s not your typical buffet. There’s no actual buffet that you can walk up to and get food from. Instead, you fill out 2 sheets of paper – 1 to pick what drinks you want and 1 to pick what raw food you want them to bring out to you. They’ll refill the plates as much as you like.

Yah this is pretty random. We had: bean curd strips, frozen tofu, fresh tofu, bean curd sheets, pork belly, chicken, beef, fish fillets, veggie dumplings, luncheon meat (er.. spam), cabbage, seaweed, prawns, enoki mushrooms, imitation crab, fish balls, quail eggs, vermicelli noodles… you get the idea. Surprisingly, we finished almost all of it!

There’s a small area where you can whip up your own dipping sauces. Isaac was nice enough to bring over some peanut sauce with chili oil (I was expecting something sweet and peanutty like at Shabuway but got something that tasted like watery peanut butter). The other dip is soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, green onions, and chili – very good with a slightly sour kick from the vinegar.

Steamboat in action here. One side of the pot is more plainly seasoned while the other side is spicier. Not sure what’s in it exactly – some seaweed bits, chili flakes (big ones), and dates (I only know this because I found one in the soup). It’s a pretty alarming red color at the beginning of the meal.

An interesting experience for sure. For one, it’s pretty darn hot having steam from a boiling pot of soup blowing in your face for the entire meal. The extremely random mix of soup ingredients makes for a very interesting concoction – def not for people who don’t like their food to touch. You also get to sit near a big ol’ tanks of gas that powers the boilers that your food is cookin’ on. Makes for an even cozier table space.

All in all pretty darn good. Set us back SGD22 per person. Who knew spam tasted good boiled?


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August 9, 2008 at 1:00 am

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