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singapore hits and misses: vol 2

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Told you I had a backlog. Second verse, same as the first.

HIT: This was one of my first lunches at the office. Crazy monkey rain kept us indoors so we joined about 3000 of our closest friends under the labyrinth of halls, restaurants, and food stalls that make up the Singapore MRT system. Easy, fast, cheap food with no worries of raindrops. This was surprisingly good – lemon chicken with Thai sauce. Despite the color, it’s not as spicy as it looks and the chicken was very, very lemony. Comes with a side of mashed potatoes (yum), apples drenched in mayo (pass), and a fried hard boiled egg with some cream sauce (yes that’s right, it’s hard boiled, breaded, and then fried… weird but not bad).

ALMOST A HIT: On the same rainy day, a delivery of Asian desserts. Obviously, I picked the mango sago with pomelo (and maybe watermelon). The puree and the mangos need to be a bit sweeter and the pomelo was a little bitter. Seriously though, delivered mango sago is a good thing so I can’t hate too much.

MISS: Yah why did I buy this. From the Japanese food court downstairs comes this bowl of teriyaki chicken mixed with egg and onions and then sprinkled with nori. It tastes like it looks. Icky. Edible but not exactly pleasant. Strike 1 for the JMarket.

MISS: This time I tried the bento box. The first mystery fried thing (the one on the left) is a potato croquette. Now, I’ve had croquettes before and this one was oddly sweet with an unidentified spice that I did not like. It was also a bit old tasting – the outside was already stale and could easily peeled off. MFT (Mystery Fried Thing) #2 is a slab o’ salmon. Started off good but the addition of the skin left it very fishy tasting. You can forget the salad lookin’ business they ruined that with some strange mayo-y dressing. Strike 2 for JMarket.

HIT: This was actually my very first lunch in Singapore taken at the Funan Center’s Food Junction. Kimchi noodle soup. Hit the spot – appropriately spicy but not ridiculously so, nice sour kimchi with instant-style noodles. Yuuuum.

Over and out.

For now.


Written by joann

August 10, 2008 at 6:59 pm

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