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I pass by this place nearly everyday and always eye the poster size pictures of steaming ramen they have plastered outside. They also have one of those glass cases of shellacked food that Japanese restaurants love so much. After a little pondering, we decided to try it out and make it a ramen night.

Sorry for the bad lighting. I started with the negitoro handroll (toss up between this and unagi but that’s not really news). Nothing to write home about but not bad either. The only part that turned me off a bit were the fingerprints on the little cone holder thing. I hope they wash these suckers before using them. Overall, it hit the spot since I haven’t sushi in about a month which in California terms is pretty scandalous.

You can’t tell in this picture but this is a mini bowl of ramen that is about half the size of the regular portion. Perfect for people (like moi) that want to have soup but also something else. I thought of Jane for this one (mini bowls of ramen = something that Jane would order).

They are famous for their noodles which are chewy and seem slightly underdone at the beginning of the meal but are good at sopping up flavor and make it without getting soggy until the very end. I ordered the shoyu which was flavorful. It comes with a slice of fatty pork (the broth is pork bone based), bamboo shoots (blech, pass), seaweed and bean sprouts (yay), and some mass of white stuff on top (I dunno what the hell that is but I ate it).

Thiena suggested we try this one for dessert. It’s a green tea float which apparently means stick a scoop of green tea in some Sprite. Tastes exactly like it sounds which means it was pretty good but not necessarily something you’d order again. I much prefer the ice cream they serve downstairs.

We both had complimentary tea and Thiena got a full bowl of chili ramen. The entire shebang was about SGD40 (tax and tip included) which is not too bad. The service is also quite good (attentive without being annoying).

On an unrelated and unnecessary sharing note, I stopped by Kinokuniya afterwards to grab a new book since I finished The Geography of Bliss (the search for the happiest place on Earth – hint: not Disneyland) and ended up with Twilight. There’s all of this hype about the movie that’s coming out later this year. I figure I’d check it out.

PS: Apparently tampopo means dandelion in Japanese?


Written by joann

August 13, 2008 at 11:42 pm

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  1. hooray for the shout out! and you are so totally right. i would order mini bowls of ramen in a heartbeat. i hope you’re keeping a list of places we’re going to eat when i visit you! actually you don’t have to, i’ll just come back to your blog and make my own list of demands hahaa

    Jane H

    August 18, 2008 at 2:38 pm

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