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I requested Thai food on my first day in the Singapore office and the team took me to First Thai. I’ve wanted to go back ever since and we finally rounded up the ol’ gang to enjoy some for dinner last Friday.

Just past the famous Raffles Hotel tucked away on a side street is First Thai. Unless you’re special they don’t take reservations so come early (for lunch or for dinner, ps they’re closed in between). The prices are reasonable and the food is super good. Super good enough for Thai folks to enjoy. Try not to read this post while you’re hungry.

You’ve been warned.

We actually started with the papaya salad but it burnt my tongue off and I forgot to take a picture. What’s above is olive rice. Never heard of it? Me either. It’s very flavorful and probably made with an olive paste. It’s light and the grains separate easily. I love olives and I love rice. Together there is harmony.

Minced pork with green onions and chili. Another tongue burner but so so good. Slightly sour, tender chicken, neatly cut green onions, and crisp red onion pieces. I was begging for my Thai tea after the first bite. No pain no gain.

Delicious pad thai. Juicy prawns, adequately eggy, fresh veggies, just a few leaves of cilantro, a hint of fish sauce, smooth peanut flavor. I had seconds. Stop drooling.

Simple veggie spring rolls with vermicelli. Piping hot and extra crispy.

Why do other Thai places not serve this dish? It’s so hard to find but is a new fave for me. An omelet layered with a green leafy vegetable (that could not be explained by my Thai experts), it’s served with a sauce of fermented shrimp paste. I’m convinced there is more to this than just an omelet. Overdone eggs do not taste good and clearly by the browning of this dish these eggs would be well overdone. The texture is still awesome though and the outside is slightly crispy on the edges. Such a mystery.

As if I’d go to a Thai place and not ask for pad see ew. Perfectly cooked flat noodles with bits of chicken and more leafy greens. A bit of egg and that special blend of soy sauce that makes pad see ew so so good. You’re probably thinking that it’s a little extreme to order 2 noodle dishes. If you roll with about 20 people you can order all kinds of stuff!

Big juicy prawns covered in a dry curry sauce. Curry like you’ve never had it before. Deep flavors that are almost satay-like. V. tasty and nicely presented.

We also had tom yum soup and a green curry which I didn’t even get to taste due to extreme full-status. I’m glad I had a long walk to the MRT to help digest the big ol’ meal.

First Thai is not a fancy place. The walls are lined with pictures of old Thailand (and one random half-poster sized head shot of Keanu Reeves circa Speed). The tables and chairs are mismatched and the silverware is located under the table on a little shelf along with a few random magazines. The windows are lined with flowers and the shutters are open to the elements. (No air conditioning folks.)

An old cliche for sure but this place has character. It’s loud with the sounds of friendly conversations and big laughs between friends. We each paid about SGD20 or so and were well fed for sure. Good times.

Khup khun ka, First Thai.


Written by joann

August 25, 2008 at 9:52 pm

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  1. […] you recognize one of my personal faves? This is the same green omelette from First Thai diced up and put in a thick tamarind based sauce. It’s some of my favorite stuff all in one […]

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