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So my first brush with Pepper Lunch was pretty lackluster. However, I’m an avid reader of Chuvaness (a Filipino blog owned by a stylista and Pepper Lunch owner) and she mentions PL often in her posts. There’s a PL at the basement of Central which I often frequent for quick dinners. I figured, what the hey let’s give it another go.

Maybe I was really hungry. Maybe the proximity to Japan means closer to the original that made it famous. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing the first time. Whatevah. This time around it was deeeelicious. I ordered the first thing on the menu which is the pepper rice with beef.

It came out steaming and sizzling. Heavy with black pepper and tender beef under a mound of soft rice and a good helping of sweet corn and green onions. I poured a little of the garlic sauce they have at the tables and did a good mix. Some of the rice got nice and crackly and the meat cooked nicely on the hot plate.

The combo plate comes with a little salad of greens, onions, and seaweed with thousand island dressing and a drink of your choice (my choice: hot green tea). Cost about SGD12 or so.

Service was fast but doesn’t come with a smile. The guy at the counter was fine but the girl that brings your dish out stares at you blankly and stands there until you move your tray. She won’t tell you to move it. That would be too easy. She just looks at you with the dead eyes of boredom and fast food servitude willing you to guess what she’s thinking.

Whatevah. I still liked it. Pepper Lunch, we can be friends now.


Written by joann

August 31, 2008 at 11:36 pm

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