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Ok so obviously this is not real food. I found this little set up during a restroom hunt post-mango sago break at a toy store in Mongkok. The awesome part is that it’s almost an exact replica of the neverending dinner we had the night before at Super Star Seafood at Harbour City.

First course was roasted pig served with the head. We all cringed as Lichi took a bite right out of the cheek. This was pretty good although I’d still take the Filipino or Hawaiian preparations of roast pig. They’re tastier with a better fat to skin to meat ratio. Not a bad way to start a meal if you’re a pork fan.

Sorry for the weird coloring in this picture. This looks like a hot mess. A giant pile of scrambled egg whites with some big shrimp thrown in and a sprinkling of pine nuts for good measure. Tasted just alright. Nothin’ to rave about.

This looked like your usual veggies + protein + noodles + gravy combo.

And then it had fowl feet in it. I finished the gailan, the beancurd, and the quail egg. I nibbled on the duck (chicken? goose?) foot a bit and then passed. The texture of mostly skin and fat is not appealing.

On the left is a deep fried ball of fish cake around chopped scallops battered up with almonds. On the right is a fruit salad with mayo. Yah don’t ask me why these go together. Tasted pretty good though something about the sweetness of the fruit with the tartness of the mayo and the saltiness of the fish. Maybe I’m just getting used to the mayo and fruit combo. Maybe I was just really hungry and happy to not be eating soggy feet.

Getting tired yet? Now for the soup course. A milky fish broth with… nothing. It was just milky fish broth. Snooze.

Now for some steamed fish (probably cooked in the darn broth). The piece I got was super duper chewy. I’ve had steaks more tender than that. Joao said his piece was nice and tender so perhaps I was just unlucky.

More soup. I didn’t even try this one. I scooped up a spoonful but it was super sticky in a not very appetizing way which made me think twice.

Weird coloring again. Yummy yummy duck. Not Peking but close enough. Juicy and fatty and moist with a slightly crispy skin. Delicious.

By this time we are all full or are tired of all the eating. This course is rice or noodles. I went for the noodles. They looked egg based. Pearl explained that they fry up these noodles before preparing them. They had a good consistency but I prefer noodle dishes with more going on – throw some veggies in there or something.

Thank the heavens. A light at the end of the food tunnel. Red bean soup for dessert. Except it’s not actually made with red beans. It’s actually black rice. Tricky, tricky.

The meal was rounded off by cut fruit (correctly guessed by me to be cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew – although I also threw in the possibility of oranges) and then cheesecake (blech tasted like margarine) and some green tea cake lookin’ thing that nobody seemed to enjoy too much.

Apparently this place is an institution with many many outlets all over Hong Kong. I’d have to say it ranks low on the many good eats I’ve had in HK but we were with a large group so perhaps our menu offerings were not the best of what the place generally produces. In general, it was just alright – mediocre at best. It was free though so I’m not gonna hate too much.

Super Star Seafood: 83-97 Nathan Road, 4th Floor Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


Written by joann

September 7, 2008 at 12:02 am

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  1. The 2-way soup thingie that you didn’t taste was actually very yummy, especially the white part. I am glad the fish broth (with nothing else in it) didn’t throw me off!


    October 9, 2008 at 1:11 pm

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