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There was major insistence on getting dim sum for the first meal of the trip. The staff at the Metropark Hotel Mongkok (which ps is not terrible but is not as nice as the Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay) recommended we truck it over the Pioneer Center for some eats. After finding the food elevator we arbitrarily picked a floor and, bc we’re out of our minds, decided on the floor that opened into some of the tackiest decor I’ve seen this side of Vegas.

In true Vegas fashion we had run right smack dab into some wedding reception. Congratulations Franky and Sasa! Best wishes on your wedding!

The meal started with yummy, fresh out the oven egg tarts. Others thought they were too eggy. Maybe I was too hungry to notice because I enjoyed it.

I looove he noodle roll thingys in the background. that carmelized brown sauce goodness is delicious. I like the bean sprouts that are thrown in too. We had two versions of the big rolls in the foreground – one filled with pork and one with shrimp. Everyone was a fan of these.

Steamed bbq pork buns. Appropriately soft and chewy on the outside with saucy char siu inside.

Probably the saddest plate of fried bean curd you’ve ever seen. No sauce with this. Just a lump o’ bean curd. NEXT.

Radish (or was it turnip?) cakes. Like I’ve said before, usually hit or miss for me. This time was a hit. I liked how it was nicely crispy on the outside edges and not tooo fishy on the inside.

I liked this – just a hint of spice from the peppers. Simply seasoned and plainly cooked pork ribs.

Last but not least were the fried spring rolls. Sorry for the creepy hand workin’ the soy sauce. These were just ok for me. Nothing quite lives up to fresh from the fryer lumpia… presentation was cute though.

The whole meal was pretty reasonable and came in at less than SGD20 for each of us. No clue what this place is called other than it’s on the 5th floor of the Pioneer Center. I’m sending good vibes to Franky and Sasa though they def know how to throw a party.


Written by joann

September 9, 2008 at 11:46 pm

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