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I had a super jam packed day yesterday which started in Tampines and ended in Chinatown to partake in the last night of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Tatay had mentioned that he had eaten some awesome food in Chinatown back in the day when his ship made a stop in Singapore in the 70s. Imagine my happiness when we found Smith Street and got to do a little street eatin’ ourselves.

The streets were jam packed with people – tourists and locals alike it seems. You can eat anywhere on the street, the trickiness is finding a table that is free. Lucky for us the table right next to the stall we picked freed up right after we ordered. I love the scene though. You can smell food from every direction, trays and trays of dishes on banana leaves go by, and bright lights and lanterns are hanging everywhere.

We got big spicy prawns that are picked out, peeled, and deveined right on the spot. They were super juicy and the perfect amount of spicy for me (enough to feel the heat with some burn on the lips but not too much to mask the flavor). The red stuff tasted like sambal and garlic.

A terrible picture but very yummy kangkong (water spinach in English, I think). This was sauteed with chilis and fermented shrimp paste (says Thiena). A very good compliment to the seafood and steamed rice we were having.

Deep fried baby squid. This was different than what I was expecting. Much crunchier kinda like chicharones. The nearly raw onions were a good match. These would be really good as a snack to compliment some beer.

The entire meal cost SGD31 with 2 bowls of rice. We finished off nearly everything and it left us super full. To eat on Smith Street, pick a stall and place an order. Return in 5-10 minutes and hand your ticket in to pick up your food. Swoop it on a table whenever you see one free up. Drinks are sold at separate stalls. We washed down our food with some fresh coconut and lime juice.

You can MRT it to Smith Street by getting off at Outram Park or Chinatown. We hit both stations during our meandering through the area.


Written by joann

September 14, 2008 at 2:23 pm

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