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Some of the crew had been raving about the soup at this joint at the Arcade near Chevron Tower. I had a sip of the Chinese herbal chicken soup on Wednesday and had to agree that it was pretty good. The ginseng adds a herby flavor coupled with some cilantro which obviously I totally heart.

There was no herbal chicken soup on tap for our visit last Thursday but we had our choice of mushroom chicken soup, peanut lotus soup, and pig stomach soup. Lotus root gives me the willies. I was scarred for life after this nasty Photoshopped graphic made its rounds on the internet. Ugh. Just thinking about it makes me shudder. Pass on the lotus root and, obviously, pass on the pig stomach (at first glance). Mushroom chicken soup it is.

There are two types of mushrooms in the soup – shitake and black fungus (I dunno if that’s what the real name is but that’s what YS called it). There is not much going on in the soup. It’s literally just chicken and mushrooms. The cilantro is optional and was thrown in after I coughed up my lunch money. Despite the oily sheen the soup is very light, the chicken is mighty tender, and the mushrooms were a good addition.

I also got a plate of fried rice which was dumped rather unceremoniously on a giant plate. It looked a bit suspect but was a good mix of eggs, imitation crab, a bit of heat, and more of the cilantro (er parsley?). I usually don’t eat fried rice bc you know these places make it out of the old ass rice they couldn’t sell the day before but sometimes you gotta live a little.

Anyway back to the pig stomach.

So *I* didn’t order the pig stomach soup but Melina and Isaac were all about it. In typical food blogger form I gave it a try. Surprise! It was not bad at all. The soup itself was super plain but the stomach was soft and slightly chewy with none of the weird gamey taste that you sometimes get when you chomp on organ. Add in a little dark soy sauce with chilis and you are good to go. Soup + fried rice = SGD7.

Totally unrelated: I’m watching Amazing Race Asia and guess where they are? They’re at Flight of the Gibbon in Chiang Mai! Some of them are also laughing maniacally during the last 60+ m drop. I’d recommend FotG to anyone who’s down for a little ziplining in the rainforest. I’d also recommend pig stomach soup to anyone who is down for a little tummy in your tummy.


Written by joann

September 20, 2008 at 11:17 pm

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