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Admittedly, I was not impressed when Thiena mentioned PS Cafe to me. I mean, seriously, S$17 pancakes? Not so appealing. After mulling their site over a bit and hearing everyone else’s raving I figured it was time to give it a shot. When Therese asked if I would be down to check out the area around Dempsey and grab brunch at PS Cafe, I was up for the trek.

And wow what a trek. It took me 3 taxis before I found a driver that had any idea where this place was. Then when we got to Dempsey Hill we went round and round trying to find the cafe. The driver even asked some passerbys with no luck. I ended up getting out and wandering around myself.


Therese was already there (trying to get me some assistance via the helpful waitstaff) enjoying some white wine. I ordered myself a lovely peach iced tea to calm the nerves post the wandering in the equatorial sun.

A very generous slice of lemon and sweetened with peach syrup with a nice base of basic tea. Just what I needed after the craziness of getting there.

I picked the PS Bologaniase while Therese had the portabello mushroom stack with poached eggs. The pasta was gooooood. I’ve found it pretty tough to find good Western food in Singapore and this hit the spot. Fresh parmesan, sweet tomatoes, perfectly cooked pasta, and fried basil leaves (what a nice touch!).

I finished the entire plate.

The ambiance at PS Cafe is quite nice. Solid service, garden setting, interesting menu, tucked away in a bougier part of town. They have a few locations across Singapore and each of them have a different menu – the Orchard location is probably much easier access-wise. It’s much pricier but you get what you pay for (setting and foodwise). My meal was about S$35 or so. More info about them here.

The rest of Dempsey Hill has furniture shops ($$$), more restaurants, a couple of upscale grocers (like Jones the Grocer which sells rose flavored cotton candy for S$20 – wtf), and a restaurant/bar/spa place called House which I’ve vowed to check out sometime.


Written by joann

September 21, 2008 at 9:45 pm

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