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The team took Joao out to lunch this past Thursday to celebrate his big 3-0. It was as good a time as any to try out fish head curry. Sounds a bit questionable but entirely delicious. Patcharin did the ordering and a few minutes later this giant bowl of steaming fish head curry showed up. 

It took a bit for one of us to get brave and start on the fish head. The steam was breathing the deep curry flavor everywhere so it got hard to resist. The sauce is super thick and heavy with coconut milk. The curry flavor packs a little extra heat. Enough to get you reachin’ for the lime juice but not so much that your taste buds fall off. 

The fish is ridiculously tender and there are small cuts of veggies thrown in also. There is plenty of meat on the fish head and everyone got a good serving of it to enjoy.

Since we’re piggies, we had lots of extra dishes – enough to fill the entire lazy susan. The prawns were steamed but served cold with a sweet and spicy sauce and cucumber slivers. The veggies look to be sauteed in something sambal-ish. They were nicely cooked and still had a good crunch to them.

This was another fave for me. Little fishies that have been dried and then fried. The thinner ones are very crunchy while the fatter ones (like the one in the immediate foreground) are chewier. They are mixed in with a few fried peanuts for extra crunch. I like matching these with a helping of steamed leafy veggies (like the ones on the far left corner up there).

Fish cake. I liked it better than otah (more on otah later) but I’m starting to feel resigned to the fact that fish cake and I will never be best friends. 

Fried chicken with squash and onions. The sauce is sweet, a little spicy, and peppery. Very good.

Since he was the birthday boy, Joao got the best part of the fish head – the cheeks. I ended my meal with…

… the eyeball. Tasted like curry and had the texture of cartilage. My dad would be so proud (he loves fish eyeballs). This one was for you dad!

Ocean Fish Head Curry: 181 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068529


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October 11, 2008 at 1:26 pm

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