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Odd title.

After an afternoon at the hot springs to help us recoup from our fun evening out (see: taiwanese breakfast post for non-details), Jessica’s aunt was nice enough to take us to one of her favorite restaurants. As is the common theme of this trip, no clue where in the city this is. The only landmark I have for you – this is near the first McDonald’s in Taipei.

Most of the dishes they ordered were vegetarian but she also got 2 meat dishes for me and Julia. This was interesting. They came out with a bowl of what appeared to be rice krispies. Then came a bowl of sweet and sour sauce with veggies and shrimp. They poured that entire shebang onto the rice krispies (yes, it snapped, crackled and popped). The result is oddly good. It tastes like your average sweet and sour dish but the krispies give it an interesting texture since they retain a bit of their crunch.

We got four portions of these super tender short ribs bathed in a five spicey sauce. The meat fell off the bone. (sidenote: I just typed out this sentence as ‘the meet fell of the bone’ wtfbbq?) Jess’s aunt sure knew how to please the meat eaters.

I have no idea what these are. They aren’t potatoes. They are pan fried and very crunchy kinda like jicama but who would pan fry jicama? The fried leafy things are yum and remind me of the pasta I had at PS Cafe.

Veggie dumplings. There was a flavor in this that turned me off a bit. I can’t put my finger on it. It was mostly spinachy but there was something kinda stinky that made me not enjoy it as much.

Almost forgot to include the painstakingly diced tofu and seaweed soup. This had a super thick starchy base and tasted very green.

Green beans with lots of garlic and soy sauce eaten between pieces of dough that are kinda like mantou. Very crunchy veggies with simple flavor.

If I hadn’t heard these were fried in pork lard I might have enjoyed it a bit more. The insides are filled with red bean and dates which gives it a sweet, raisiny flavor.

Overall, a nice meal to end a relaxing day at the hot springs. Thanks to Jess’s aunt for treating us ladies out to a nice afternoon. 🙂


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October 26, 2008 at 11:59 pm

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