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It’s weird to think how much life changes over the course of one year. Admittedly, I was a bit concerned about how I would ring in year 28 outside of the comfortable party confines of the Bay Area. Luckily, the concern was for naught and I had a fabulous Singapore-style birthday.

The celebrating started on Saturday night when I rounded up all the work ladies to a chill evening at Loof (3rd floor on the rooftop of the Odeon Tower extension building). I visited the place a few weeks ago and liked the very low key atmosphere and laid back crowd. The drink and food menu are also not bad (both pricewise and tastewise).

I ordered calamari (very meaty, shown above) and a small margarita pizza which is actually just a cheese pizza. PS Loof: margarita pizzas have fresh tomatoes and basil on them. I also had a caparinhia (shown above) and a Pimm’s Club. Both were decent on the alcohol content (a tough find in Singapore) and were spiked with turbinado-tasting sugar.

The ladies also surprised me with a very generous gift certificate to Tang’s! YAY! Shopping!

On my actual birthday, a group of us (led by Pat and Pearl) went to see Avenue Q at the Esplanade. We had awesome seats and I can’t wait to see more shows. It was so funny! We were starved afterwards and decided on Ichiban Boshi, also at the Esplanade, for an early dinner.

For around SGD18 I got a meal that consisted of: rice, miso soup, a small salad of what I think was pickled bamboo shoots, assorted tempura, sashimi, and orange slices for dessert. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

No major complaints about the meal. The sashimi was good – the salmon and tuna were soft and the right amount of chewy. The middle one (yellowtail?) was served a little too cold making the texture a bit rougher. The tempura included 2 shrimp, a sliced potato, lotus root (shudder), and okra (or, as they call them here, ladyfingers – yah wth). Not too oily although the accompanying sauce could have had a little more umph.

I wonder if there are more of these around. They have the conveyor belt style sushi plates also and they’re cheaper than Sakae Sushi with rolls that look to be less rice-heavy.

After the sushi meal, we made a stop at Max Brenner’s to cap the day off with some very decadent dessert (so decadent that it deserves it’s own post).

Loof: 331 North Bridge Road #03-07, Odeon Tower, Singapore 188720

Ichiban Boshi: 8 Raffles Ave #02-14, Esplanade Mall, Singapore 039802

PS. Avenue Q is playing at the Esplanade Theatres until November 16th with a mostly Pinoy cast that includes Frenchie Dy and Aiza Seguerra! Check it out if you get a chance.


Written by joann

November 2, 2008 at 9:28 pm

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  1. […] halfway through the meal before I realized that this place is a chain and I’ve been to the same restaurant’s Esplanade location. This time around I opted to change up my usual unagi-negitoro-spicy tuna trifecta that is my go-to […]

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