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I haven’t done an airplane food post in awhile but my first ever flight on Vietnam Airlines definitely deserves a little shout out. It’s sad that most US airlines have eliminated free food from their flights, most Asia carriers still serve them. The flight from Singapore to Hanoi is only about 3 hours long and we still got a nice meal.


Singapore to Hanoi. From the top left going clockwise: fruit plate with watermelon, pineapple, and lychee, warm bread, entree of mixed veggies, Thai curry rice, curry with fish cakes and prawn, and potato salad with pastrami.

This was unexpectedly good. I was a little iffy on the fish cake business but this was the best that I’ve had so far. Lots of lemongrass and curry flavor. The slice of pastrami on top of the potato salad sounded odd too but was good. I even ate the lychee and I don’t even really like lychee!


Homebound, Hanoi to Singapore: banana chocolate cake, warm bread, pasta with pork and olive sauce, butternut squash, vermicelli salad with shrimp.

I love olives and the pasta was shockingly not bad. I passed on the squash and tried the shrimp but though the fish sauce was a bit much in a closed air space like an airplane cabin. The dessert was banana cake on the bottom with chocolate mousse on top. I liked the combo.

Overall, Vietnam Airlines is pretty nice. No personal entertainment consoles on the short flight but the cabin staff is attentive, the food is good, and the wine is free.


Written by joann

November 18, 2008 at 11:22 pm

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