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jetstar: sandwiches are not as they appear

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Most airlines are charging for meals these days. That’s all fine and dandy I suppose. I mean, anything that keeps the price of the ticket a bit cheaper. It’s kinda sad that you can’t bring your own food onboard. But if you’ve ever sat next to people eating dried squid or toasted anchovies then you’ll learn to appreciate this rule. (BTW, I like both dried squid and toasted anchovies but am not rude enough to eat this on a plane where air circulation is limited.)

On my Jetstar flight home from Taipei I ordered a toasted chicken sandwich. The picture looked decent and for SGD7 I thought it was pretty reasonable. A few minutes later the not-so-friendly Filipino cabin attendent dropped off the sandwich and, not really noticing, I took a few bites. Toasty. Buttery. Where are the fillings? Is there chicken in here? I put down the trusty Kindle to inspect further.

The hell. Is this what I ordered? Is there even chicken in there? I coulda sworn it looked good in the picture. (Picture me shuffling through the seat pocket to pull out the inflight magazine that includes the menu.)

Uhhhh, Jetstar. This is not even close to what you served me.

These are not the same.


Written by joann

November 23, 2008 at 12:34 am

Posted in airplane food, travels

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