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Unless you’re a major NSync fan, the post title is strictly informative and not funny.

I had a fantastic 2 1/2 weeks at home in California. Two of those weeks I spent in Hanford with the family vegging out, eating lots, and hanging out with the brothers. Not too many new meals but lots of old favorites.

I spent 3 days in the Bay Area catching up with good friends. The grand finale there was a meal at Pho Vi Hoa. I ordered the sliced pork meal. It was as good as I remember it. (Thanks to Jane and Jlin for housing me while I was in the Bay!)


My dad and two youngest brothers picked me up on Saturday morning. We spent some time perusing the goods at Gilroy before heading into Hanford. For the trip home we grabbed some In-N-Out. I take my burger with grilled onions and ketchup and mustard instead of spread. Word.


My brothers are animals so they got an order of animal style fries. For those not in the know that means cheese, spread, and grilled onions on top of the fries.


My first meal at home was steak which I forgot to take a picture of. The rest of these are probably out of order. Feenin’ for some Mexican food (even the pseudo kind), I made some lazy enchiladas.


For Christmas my mom made her delicious sopas (Filipino chicken noodle soup). We had them with toasted pan de sal with butter.


Mom and Joshua (Brother #1) also made some of our secret recipe fried chicken wings. They were, as always, off the hook crazy addictive.


The last hot dog I had was a questionably pale hot dog from the Ikea in Tampines. I was pretty excited to scarf down on this all beef kosher dog at home. Plenty of ketchup, mustard, and jalepenos to top it off. Yes, those are nacho cheese Doritos in the background.


Another American favorite – pizza! Family size combo pizza from a local pizza chain called Me-N-Ed’s. Look at all the toppings! I like my pizza piled with veggies of every kind.


My mom’s turon is perfect. She makes them extra small (slightly bigger than finger sized) and leaves out the jackfruit so you get lots of plantain goodness.


The trick to turon is getting the carmelization going on the outside while balancing the sweet factor. You also gotta keep the skin nice and crunchy. This is my favorite picture of the bunch.


My brothers and I had movie night and I baked some mint chocolate chip cookies. They came out ok. Very cake-y. I used vanilla bean paste (way better than regular vanilla extract) and agave sweetener from Trader Joe’s. I was experimenting with the agave syrup since they said it was better for diabetics.


For New Years my mom made palabok which is my favorite pancit style.


She paired it with more fried goodness – this time in the form of vegetable lumpia (the fat ones in the background) and lumpiang Shanghai (the skinny ones in the foreground).


My mom makes a good bowl of pho. She loads it up with lots of sliced beef and shrimp. Really hits the spot when it’s freezing outside.


I love waffles. When I first got home I made omelets and banana vanilla waffles. During the end of my two weeks I made almond blueberry waffles with lemon curd (from Harry and David’s) and whipped cream. Wowzas. So good.


Phew. I’m bloated just thinking of everything I ate from the holidays. If you need me, I’ll be at the gym.


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