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I can’t recall ever making a post about a restaurant in my hometown. If you haven’t read the About page it will be news to you that I’m from the Central Valley. People like to ask me fun questions like – are you from Northern California or Southern California? Erm. Central. Central – where is that exactly? Like, in the center. Pull up a Google map of California, close your eyes, and aim for the center. There. That’s my adopted hometown.*†


I like to round up the High School bffs every once in awhile. It’s nice to catch up and laugh about how lame high school was and how terrible we dressed and how cool we thought we were. We don’t see each other often but it’s easy to get together and pick up right whereever we left off last.

We were initially going to go to Chilis (perhaps this is why I haven’t done a Hanford restaurant post) but Julie confessed she hated it and convinced us to try Ryan’s Place instead. You gotta love a place that is the “Pride of the Central Valley”. It’s an old school midwest-y diner. Quick service, straightforward dishes, 1970s wood panelled decor, and smiling waitresses. Even though it was well into the lunch hour I opted for the breakfast menu and ordered the chorizo scramble with hashbrowns. I asked them to hold the refried beans. No need for extra lard in the diet, ya know.


Soooooo good. My only complaint would be that the eggs were a wee overcooked. The mix of chorizo and egg and cheese with the salsa dumped on top was awesome. I added on some Tabasco for extra effect. It’s easy to win my love with hashbrowns – fried potatoes are  hard to mess up. I can’t remember the exact price but this couldn’t have been more than USD8 or so. Good company and good eats. Should you find yourself in Hanford skip Chilis and pop on by.

Ryan’s Place: 330 S. 11th Avenue (behind the Chevron) Hanford, California 93230

* I say adopted because I was not born in Hanford and I spent most of my formative years in what is now the 757 area code.
† I am not from Fresno.

Written by joann

January 12, 2009 at 9:52 pm

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