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Don’t worry I’m not in Hong Kong again. đŸ™‚

This past Friday the gang got together to bid adieu to Selene as she heads back to (strangely enough) Hong Kong. We had aspirations of First Thai but were denied since they’re closed for Chinese New Year. Not one to be discouraged, we trekked a little further to Liang Seah Street and settled on Crystal Jade Hong Kong Cafe.

I was a bit confused at first. I had been to Crystal Jade before but their speciality was xiao long bao and la mian. This CJ was all about congee and milk tea. Apparently the Crystal Jade peeps have their fingers in lots of different pots and this is a different flavor of the same chain.


I opted for the shredded chicken and salted egg congee served in a hot stone pot. Here’s the conversation that ensued at the table.

Joao: What’s the white stuff on top.

Me: Rice.

Joao: No, but what’s the white stuff.

Me: Er. Um. Rice.

Joao: Really? The white stuff?

<I look at Isaac for some help.>

Isaac: Uh huh. Rice.

Anyway, I like the chicken and salted egg combo. I love salted egg and have been contemplating when my next serving of it would come. Lucky me they had diced bits of it in the congee. The stone pot keeps it nice and hot and bubbling.


My congee meal also came with 2 steamed pork buns. Fluffy on the outside, saucy char siu-y on the inside. I splurged a little and added a milk tea to my meal (pictured above) for SGD1.20.


We got 3 side dishes to share. This first one is fried bean curd. Delicious, salty fried goodness.


Pui really wanted these. Rice rolls with peanut sauce and plum (?) sauce. Very simple. The peanut sauce reminded me of the spring roll dip at PVH.


Yay veggies. Double yay for fried veggies. These are green beans with garlic and soy sauce. Not overcooked so as to retain crispiness.


I guess we shared 4 dishes, not 3. This is baked eggplant with minced meat sauce on top. We almost cancelled our order for this since it took so long to arrive but, for me, was a surprise hit. The sauce has a tomato base that works well with the eggplant.


I was feeling some dessert so I opted for the Japanese sweet potato with sago and tapioca balls. There was supposed to be coconut cream in this but they ran out of that. It was suuuuuper good. It has that flavor of ube but was not too sweet like other ube desserts. The 3 different types of tapioca balls give varying textures which is a nice touch.

We ended up pitching in SGD15 each or so. The meal (congee, tea, and bbq buns) is a very reasonable SGD8.10 and the dessert was less than SGD3. Not bad!

Crystal Jade Hong Kong Cafe: 1 Liang Seah Street #01-12 189022


Written by joann

January 25, 2009 at 10:08 pm

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