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Blah. I’m a bit angry at the blog right now. I found out I can’t install Analytics on the darn thing and it has me feeling a bit like I want to give it the cold shoulder.  On the other hand, the food pictures are starting to pile up and the backlog needs some attention. I suppose that wins this time around. Although, this doesn’t mean I forgive you WordPress [insert a picture of me with my lips pursed and looking irritated].

I went to Bangkok last week for a few days for work. (I know, I’m such a jet setter. Not.) Our first meal in Bangkok was lunch at Terrace 61. I have no friggin’ clue where T61 is. It’s pretty far from the city center though as we were on the outskirts of Bangkok for the meeting we had pre-lunch. The Thai ladies did all of the ordering, obviously.

Dish 1 was the requisite tom yum.


It was mighty spicy and mighty red. It was good as tom yums go but I gotta admit that I’m a bit tired of tom yum and would not mind a Thai meal that was tom yum-less.


Next was squid with salted egg which was my fave. I never thought to put two of my favorite things together like this. If you’re not already acquainted with salted eggs this dish might turn you off a bit. It’s used in the dish as a base for the sauce. It’s grainy in texture which might be weird if you’re not used to it. I was a big fan of this dish and had several helpings. The squid was nice and tender – no need for half hour long masticating.


This is fried shredded cat fish with green papaya salad on top. The salad tastes like your run of the mill green papaya or mango salad – check out the bright red peppers on this one. The fish is crunchy and light. They really shred up the fish before frying so you’re left with this flaky mountain of fish.

You’ll notice some greens we ordered (top right) and the bowls of brown rice (bottom right) in the picture above also.

Not sure how much this meal cost but it was a nice prelude to the parade of meals to come. My guess is that the restaurant is generally affordable  – Bangkok eats are generally cheap and there were plenty of local career types having lunch also.

Terrace 61: Sorry no address. 😛


Written by joann

February 8, 2009 at 9:40 pm

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