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Dempsey House is right next to Tippling Club in the most annoying place in Singapore – Dempsey Hill. Sigh. Okay I’m exaggerating but oh how I enjoy the eateries up in this area but hate how hard it is to get to/from. If you’re wondering, yes, I plan on whining about that in every post made in reference to this area.

Anyway back to the story. Jay and I went to House to decompress after slogging through a crazy work week. It was supposed to be a gank-load (read: lots) of people going but that didn’t work out. We started our journey to Dempsey at 6:29pm because I threatened Jay’s life if I was still in the office at 6:31pm. When we arrived we saw MakatiJosh again who was diligently manning his post at the head of the stairs to the two restaurants. He remembered us! Lovely!

I like how House is decorated. Mismatched tables and chairs, wires hanging from the ceiling, different themed private rooms where you can book dinner parties (one of the rooms is a Kubrick room). The front of the House is the restaurant area (pictured above), followed by a hallway of the private rooms, and then a bar/lounge area in the back. For the multitaskers in the House there’s also a spa/massage place upstairs. Random.


This place has hella menus. The actual menu looks and feels like a newspaper (complete with full page ads of their new restaurant). There’s another glossy double sided newspaper-y looking menu for drinks and desserts. Then there’s a small camp inspired menu with drinks and small bites. A bit confusing but everything sounded good.


I’m surprised this picture came out since it was so dark in there. We shared a plate of the sliders with the truffle oil french fries and sweet potato fries. The sliders had sauteed onions and mushrooms (yum but would have enjoyed more if I didn’t get the skin part of the onion which made it a little less edible) and the beef was nicely cooked – done but still a little pink on the inside. Jay was hoping for fries filled with truffles (sounds crazy) these are fried in the oil (I think). They look like french fries and the first bite tastes like regular french fries but then you get the aroma and slight hint of truffle and it’s yum. Fried and battered sweet potatoes are also delicious but you already knew that.


I was trying to get the skinny pizza but they don’t serve that for dinner. Boo. I got the Jamaican Jerk Pork Tenderloin instead. I would give it a 7 out of 10. The jerk seasoning could have had more oomph and the pork could be moister (hard to do since the discs are a bit thin). The eggplant was ridiculously good though. It had all the seasonings of the pork but had a slight char on it. You know how I love my char.

Jay had a crazy tender braised short rib which was a special of the day.


I used cocktails to drink my stress away. I opted for the Latin Fling – no clue what was in it. I think rum muddled pineapple and lime, and some other stuff. Whateva. It was good. Expensive (but what cocktail in Singapore isn’t?) but good.


You would think our gluttony would end somewhere but we’re not done yet. I got the chocolate toffee dessert. Very rich and decadent it came with 3 blackberries and a dusting of powdered sugar. They served it hot with the toffee on top dripping over the dense cake. It was very sweet and I only finished half of it. It should come with a complimentary glass of (soy) milk to wash it down. No clue how Jay’s green tea tiramisu went. It looked pretty though.


They have a deal going on right now where if you show your business card you get 15% off your meal if it’s SGD100+. The place is pricey although not as much as it’s swankier cousin next door. Cocktails are their usual SGD15+ and entrees are SGD20+. Our total bill (with discount and including GST and service charge) was SGD150. We weren’t complaining though we chilled there for something like 3+ hours. Lazily going through courses and laughing our heads off at ridiculous topics. It was a nice way to close up a tiring work week.

House @ Dempsey: 8D Dempsey Road Singapore 249672


Written by joann

February 9, 2009 at 11:32 pm

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