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I don’t know too many people who are all about steak and meat and beef, but I do know one. Jay is all about beef and rice and Aston’s serves a lot of beef and some rice so I figured him and Steph would be prime candidates to drag to Aston’s.

We actually ended up here because Steph wanted to try out Summer Frost and, while some might argue that you could have shaved milk ice for dinner, most people need a little more sustenance than that.


I got the prime ribeye or was it the NY strip… Whatever. It was a big ol’ slab of meat and when you’re living in Asia you’re usually getting big ol’ slabs of duck or maybe noodles but rarely, if ever, straight up meat.


Pearl scared me a bit because she eats here often and told me that she got a steak once and had some tummy problems afterwards. I figured as long as I didn’t go for anything too rare that I would be ok so I ordered mine medium-well. It came to the table super pink and I sent it back to be recooked. It came back a little pinker than I would have liked but I was too starved to make them cook it again. I’m happy to report that no tummy issues post-dinner though.

I got a baked potato and corn on the cob with my meal. Each entree comes with a choice of 2 sides and they have quite a few to choose from. Sigh, I kind of longed for the baked potato toppings of home – green onion, bacon bits, sour cream. You do have some gravy though. The steak is good especially for the price. Not melt in your mouth tender but not jaw achingly tough either.


We also got chicken wings which I didn’t particularly like. They were super oily and not very tasty in general. They could probably turn up the heat on the fryer a bit because these were soaking up the oil like it was their job. Bleh.

I don’t know if I’d queue up for Aston’s but if I was low on the cash (and who isn’t these days) and really craving for some cow then I’d definitely consider it.

Aston’s Specialities: 119 East Coast Road, Singapore

Written by joann

March 13, 2009 at 8:00 pm

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