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I’ve had a great day of eating (and laser tagging) and am now at home making the familiar dent in my couch while I couch potato status and watch  American Idol. (PS Adam Lambert, you are totally overrated.)

My Makansutra guide has been gathering dust on my bookshelf for a few months but I pulled it down to do some research for an upcoming work event. The section on onde onde reminded me of some of the posts on EatingAsia that sing the praises of gula melaka. This prompted a lunch time hunt for these sweet treats which, I’m proud to say, was very successful.


These babies are from the 2nd floor of the Amoy Street Food Centre. I’ll swing by again soon and write down the stall number but it’s at the edge of the third aisle at the stall that sells carrot cake sticks, tapioca cakes, and these sweet sweet bundles of joy. They run 3 for SGD1 and the Auntie that runs the stall does good business because she could not keep these things in stock.

I tried to buy more but she only had 3 ready to go and they were piping hot. Sticky rice flour (you know how rice flour freakin’ owns me) rolled in freshly grated coconut and filled with …


… lovely gula melaka or palm sugar. Kinda like brown sugar but better. Sweet, yes. But also kinda carmelly. Slightly burnty. It was warm so I bit into it carefully and the little ball popped a bit and the syrup came pouring out. I shared one of the three precious onde onde with SarahP  (sharing is caring) who then eyed the third one with some malicious intent but kept her cool.

As the main course for lunch I had some noodles with beef brisket (also from Amoy). I’m convinced that the best way to eat at hawker centers is to look at other people’s food and copy them.


The beef was very tender and mostly lean and the pickled peppers were a good, crunchy complement. My only tears came from the measly two gailan they gave me. I like my veggies so I could have used a few more stalks. I can’t realy complain though because this hit the spot, filled the belly, and gave me enough energy to join my team in laser tag victory today at Mount Emily Park. Also, it was only SGD3.20.


Written by joann

March 26, 2009 at 10:03 pm

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