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Friday night started off questionably since neither myself nor Steph had any good ideas of what to eat. I was slaving away at work while Steph was drying herself off after having lost a battle with one of Singapore’s rainstorms (that of the sideways rain variety). Undaunted by or indecisiveness, I suggested Liang Seah Street which Steph had never been to and has tons of places to choose from.

After one quick promenade up and down to survey the scene, we decided on Korean food and had two choices: Arirang or Mario’s. We choose Arirang. Why? Do you know a Korean person named Mario? I don’t. Also, Mario’s was pretty empty while Arirang was bustling with people.  We set our sights on the bbq buffet which costs about SGD23 per person. Not a bad deal if you ask me.


We started off with the requisited banchan parade which I forget how much I miss. These banchan paled in comparison to that of the Korean restos (or even groceries) in the Bay Area but they were not half bad. My faves were the kimchi and the bean sprouts. The squash (foreground) and the radish (towards the front right) were lacking in the heat department and that mound of green stuff was steamed but lacked any real flavor.


Bring on the meats! You get to ask for as many plates as you want but there’s a warning on the menu that if you waste food you have to pay ala carte prices for it. We paced ourselves and ordered the beef, the pork, and the spicy chicken filet (above).


This was so fun for some reason. All the meats were seasoned nicely with the chicken packing a little more spice than the rest. The beef was my favorite and Steph liked the chicken.


You get 4 dipping sauces to plunk the meat into post-grill action. From the top: bean paste, vinegar/soy sauce, chili sauce (Korean style not Singaporean style), vinegar/soy sauce/peppers (I think).


I’ve been obsessed with pancakes lately so we had to get a round of kimchi pancakes. I was expecting the bready/fluffy style Korean pancakes but these were a lot flatter and oily-er. Still, they tasted pretty good especially when paired with the vinegar-based sauces.


Samgaetang or chicken ginseng soup. I’ve never had this before but have always wanted to taste it. Odds are this tastes nothing like actual samgaetang. It was a simple, clean tasting broth with tender chicken and a little rice but the ginseng flavor was no where to be found.


Ddoekbokki – spicy rice cakes. Can you tell I was ordering things that I remembered seeing in kdramas? I like rice cakes so this had the potential to be quite nice. I thought though that it just simply wasn’t spicy enough. It needed to be served piping hot with about 3x the level of gochuchang.

I haven’t found a go-to Korean restaurant in Singapore yet and Arirang definitely isn’t *the one* but it’ll do for now. The nice thing about it is that the buffet gives you a chance to order most of their menu so you can taste all kinds of things with little to no commitment. My main issues with things are that everything needs to be way spicier. For the love of kimchi I want my tongue to tingle and my lips to burn. Otherwise, it’s just not Korean enough.

Arirang Restaurant: 1 Liang Seah Street #01-07/08 Singapore 189022


Written by joann

April 13, 2009 at 7:42 pm

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  1. sigh, what a great night. i shall come back, so i can discover other wonderful eateries on this street!


    May 8, 2009 at 7:18 am

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