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Cute name for a shop, huh? As you can see I had Hong Kong style dessert two nights in a row. Oink oink to you too. This one was after Yum Cha with Kwan and Pui. Kwan said her favorite dessert place was nearby so after some wandering we rolled ourselves into Ji De Chi, which according to the wall decorations, is a favorite of local celebs and has garnered itself a few awards.


Kwan’s choice: pureed durian with fresh durian and pomelo. She almost didn’t get this since she knows I’m not a durian fan but I promised to give the ol’ queen of fruits another go. I tried it and while I didn’t gag, I didn’t particularly enjoy it. So far it’s Durian 2, Joann 0 (unless you count the fried durian which pretty much doesn’t taste like durian at all). How do I describe this. You know bathroom cleaner? It tastes kinda like that.


Pui’s pick: almond milk creme and black glutinous rice. This was heavenly. A thick but creamy almond milk with a little mountain of rice. This type of rice can sometimes taste earthy (aka like dirt) but this was nicely lacking in that arena.


My dish: glutinous rice balls in sweet ginger syrup and crushed peanuts. Sticky and aromatic with the ginger syrup and the added crunch of the peanuts. Rice flour, how I love thee.


To share: Vietnamese chendol. This is one of the nicest chendols I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. Shaved ice covered in milk with sweet red beans and threads of green chendol. If you ask me, halo halo is tastier (and has more random bits to enjoy) but chendol is still an ok alternative should you find yourself halo halo-less.

The four desserts were an easy SGD16.

Ji De Chi: 46 Upper Cross Street #01-02 Singapore


Written by joann

April 15, 2009 at 8:54 pm

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