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I pass this restaurant nearly every Saturday since it’s en route from my bus stop to the gym that I go to. After class I’m usually in a hurry to get somewhere or do something or blah blah blah that I end up eating a granola bar instead of having a real meal. This time I stopped to smell the sushi and had a lazy, late Saturday afternoon lunch.

I was halfway through the meal before I realized that this place is a chain and I’ve been to the same restaurant’s Esplanade location. This time around I opted to change up my usual unagi-negitoro-spicy tuna trifecta that is my go-to sushi meal.

May I present to you… tuna and cucumber with chicken floss.


I love floss. Chicken, beef, pork whateva. It’s fun to eat and goes great with everything including sushi.

Since I was post-gym I had to get a salad even if just to make me feel better psychologically. I saw them making this and hoped that it wasn’t mine because it was so monumentally huge. I figured at SGD5.90 it couldn’t be too big. I was very very wrong.


For a salad my guess is that this is not *that* healthy – what with the fried noodles and the fried flat thingies. It also had huge leaves of lettuce and an entire tomato and probably enough tofu to feed a small family. The dressing is peanut based and leans just a wee bit more on the sweet side than the salty.


I have to say service wise this place was off. My dishes came out one by one and with long breaks in between making for a fragmented dining experience. This is called the Golden Catch and it’s fried dory fish and tartar sauce on the inside with rice and fried potato shavings on the outside. This was more Long John’s Silver than Japanese sushi but still I liked it and finished the whole plate off.

Okay, fine. I did still get negitoro.


A girl’s always gotta have a back up.

Full meal with hot tea: SGD17.

Ichiban Boshi: 3 Temasek Blvd #B1-062 Suntec City Singapore


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April 16, 2009 at 9:15 pm

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