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I’m spending a lazy weekend at home in ultimate relaxation mode. No appts, no have-to-dos, no must-meets, etc. I have a bunch of those types of things (some of which are fun) on the horizon so I’m spending this weekend loading up on the me-time.

Let it be known that my month long hiatus is not the product of a lack of food adventures. There was lots of eating going on but there was also lots of burnt out-status going on too. That’s all behind us now since my recent trip to Bangkok has gotten me all riled up to share my latest favorite find.

I first learned of iberry via the loveliest of lovely food blogs, Eating Asia. They reran an old post about their love for iberry which coincided with my business trip to Bangkok so I jumped at the chance to try something they had featured. My first trip to iberry was the dessert end of dinner at Central World the pictures of which died an unexpected death due to user error (read: I accidentally deleted them). How amateur of me. Didn’t matter though because after my first visit I KNEW I would be back the next day.

The iberry cafes are all really cute with varying decor. The Siam Square branch can best be described as shabby chic. Unfinished concrete walls with pastel paintings, chandeliers made with glass teacups, mismatched chairs and tables. It’s bright, cute, and a perfect entrance to ice cream happiness.


Now the hard part. Which flavor to try? The special thing about iberry are the local sorbet flavors – pineapple, green sour mango, lychee, santol, custard apple, spicy tamarind, mangosteen – you get the point. The two iberrys we visited had different flavors available with the one at Siam Square  having the bigger spread.

Anyway, back to our problem. Limited tummy space plus the extreme urge to plunge into each flavor.


Rescued by the baby cones.


How cute are these!? I tried to order this the first night but they ran out of the cones. Enter uber disappointment on my part combined with intense conviction to have baby cones the next night. You get 5 cones for around THB60. Pricey when compared to the street stall pad thai you can get for THB20 but worth every penny for the cuteness factor and ensuing sorbet deliciousness.


Strawberry Rocky Road (top left, pink with brown and white splotches): The best of both worlds. Sweet strawberry (the only artificial tasting of the bunch) specked with the classic chocolate bits and marshmallow pieces. Very creamy ice cream, the marshmallow bits should have been a bit stickier, and where’d the nuts go? How can the road be rocky without the nuts?

Pineapple Sorbet (center, light yellow): Tart and equal parts icy and smooth. Not too sweet with just a few fresh pineapple bits.

Santol Sorbet (top right, slightly pink): The santol is kinda like the mangosteen with a similar sweet/sour flesh. I was so surprised at how santol-y this tasted. Unless you’ve tasted fresh santol before you probably won’t be as excited as I was but WOW. I had this on both nights, thats how much I liked it.

Paradise Tea Ice Cream aka Thai Tea (bottom right, light brown): Just as awesome as milk tea ice cream. Maybe even a little bit awesomer.

Custard Apple (bottom left, white): I looooove custard apple (aka atis) so I was beyond excited for this. Just like the santol sorbet it tasted JUST LIKE IT. Sweet and tart, sour and citrusy with actual custard apple thrown in. Such a nice treat.

I also tasted the spicy tamarind which surprised me at first bite. It was like eating really cold tamarind candies – complete with the usual spicy kick at the end. I would have gotten this again the second night but the Siam Square branch didn’t have it.

Trips to Bangkok now have an extra bonus on top. Me + iberry = best friends

iberry: Siam Square, Sol 2 Bankok, Thailand


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May 24, 2009 at 2:24 am

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  1. Atis Ice Cream! What is this deliciousness you speak of! Trade you some for a kogi taco! The truck stops right next to my house!


    May 24, 2009 at 4:25 am

  2. Lychee sorbet would be cool. Or maybe mountain apple. Uh…just have to say–with over 45k hits it’s a pity you don’t get more comments.


    May 24, 2009 at 8:18 am

    • it certainly is a pity jodi! i ponder it every once in awhile…


      June 28, 2009 at 12:33 am

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