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On Sun, Jul 12, 2009 at 10:22 PM, Joann wrote:

hallo brothers,

so you took a lot of pictures and both of you are quite funny right?

why dont you EACH do a ‘singapore top 5’ for my blog? whatchuthink? top 5 favorite things about singapore (can be places or food or things) and should include pictures as well as some writing.

i think it would be fun! cmon!



Yup, I bullied lovingly asked my brothers to do guests posts for the blog. As background, I had 2 of my brothers fly out to Singapore to spend some quality time with their favorite big sister. One of them actually responded to my request (the other will face my wrath later). If you find yourself with your 20 year old brother in Singapore and need stuff to do/eat, please refer to the list below penned by middle brother (aka recipient of birthday cupcakes), Chris. My comments in the fancy italics.

Yo Yo Yo Ates!

This is my Top Five (sorry it’s so late)


5) Strawberry Aloe Vera Drink – Skeptical at how this would come about, my sister insisted on me getting one since she claimed that I would love it. However, unknowledgable at the taste of something as strange sounding as Aloe Vera plus the fact that the only times I would hear those two words would be on bottles of lotion that would help cure sun burn, I wasn’t sure if this drink would suffice for my meal. I hastily went for the safe choice in watermelon juice. Wrong was I ever. At first sip (and chew) I immediately fell in love with the drink. However, I felt like I was cheating on my previous love, watermelon juice. I knew in my mind that WJ was still the better drink, it’s just SAV did a good job at masking that little known fact. [Maserated strawberries in simple syrup with fresh aloe vera and lots o’ ice from Gary Kim at Vivo City. Sooooo refreshing. SGD4 for a lil bit of summer in a glass.]

4) Watermelon Juice – The simplicity of this drink is taken for granted when seen on the menu…”Watermelon Juice, ok nothing special there” or so it seems. It’s not until I took the first sip that I slipped into a state of awe at the deliciousness of this beverage. The first cup doesn’t even curb the craving of the first sip, in which case I felt that I needed to drink more, but was afraid that my blood glucose level would shoot up if I overdosed on watermelon juice. Ever since that fateful day in Clarke Quay when I first met this thing of beauty, I have trekked the halls of any of the malls I shopped at for a nice cup of fresh watermelon juice. [Sorry, no picture.]


3) Virtualand (in Bugis Junction) – The skinny escalator that leads to the dungeon of video games does not do the place itself justice. Although the sign gives some credit to the vast size of the premises, nothing really preemptively prepares you for what you are about to experience once you take the slow ride to the underground haven for nerds such as myself and my little brother. I felt bad though once I stepped in with my sister and her friend Jeff. Aware that my sister is very much against video games and unaware if Jeff felt the same, I knew I was going to take a cool minute in this place intricately deciding on which games to play. It took maybe an hour and a half, but I was able to use up all 5 SGD worth of my tokens. [Seriously, this place is insanity. Pure insanity.]


2) Combat Skirmish (Laser Tag) – A concept that instantly bombarded my mind with intrigue: laser tag in the park, a park with hills, rocks, trees and shrubbery. Considering my fond liking of video games especially the shooting games, being able to almost do the same thing that Master Chief does in Halo felt like a dream too good to be true. And of course you can’t do everything that Master Chief does, but when I stepped on the battleground, slapped on the vest and picked my weapon of choice – the heftiest of them all (I forget the kgs but it felt like my arm was gonna fall off halfway though the first match) – I almost heard the narrator to the Halo games speak to me: “Slayer” he whispers. The amount of fun playing was immeasureable, never have I played a game of laser tag that consisted of sound effects, the need to reload, and cool guns. After ravaging the battleground with my little brother and wreaking havoc on my foes, fatigue and sweat overwhelmed my body and mind and I was done for the day; it was 5pm. [Combat Skirmish holds monthly pick up laser tag games at various locations around Singapore. This one was at Bishan Park. Cost is SGD50 for 4 games (2 hours) or SGD30 for 2 games (1 hour). You can also contact them to put together private games.]


1) Ice Monster (Number 6 please) – By far the best thing about Singapore in my eyes. For those who don’t know, Ice Monster is like a dessert shop trying be a restaurant, but I can’t imagine the majority of people going to this place to go for the rice bowls. Beyond the entrees and the appetizers was the main course of the entire restaurant: the desserts. Upon gazing at the pictures and the yummy descriptions of the shaved ice dishes, I stumble on the grandest thing I have ever read: a mango dessert consisting of shaved ice with mango puree and mango chunks topped with condensed milk and mango sorbet. Minutes after ordering, it finally arrived, an epic display of yellow-orange and ice magnified my interest in the dish and I immediately dove in, trying to savor each sweet bite. When I took that last sip of melted ice and sorbet, I cried a little inside for it was over *tear. [This is the same Ice Monster of Taipei fame. There are 2 locations in Singapore – Plaza Singapura basement and Bencoolen Street in Bugis. Large sized desserts are around SGD9.]


If you’re wondering, my brother doesn’t actually sound like that but for some reason he writes like that. Fun though, right?

Thanks for all of the love in the comments of the last post. Keep your eye out for Georgie’s post. It’s coming as soon as I threaten him with pain and shame and guilt. Hope you have as loving a sister in your life as my brothers do in theirs.


Written by joann

July 26, 2009 at 10:51 pm

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