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I don’t care if he’s becoming a grown man (ew). He is my youngest bother and I will always call him Georgie. I’m the big sister. I can do that.

Coming at you live from Hanford is Georgie’s Top 5.


This is what Georgie looks like. Except actually his head is a little bigger than a controller.


1) Da Luge:
Super fast and tight turns. Those are the things that define luging. I didn’t know what luging was so let me give you a run down on what it is. Luge can be defined as racing down curvy turns in which you can “Tokyo Drift”, they lead to steep hills to gain massive speed to crush your weak opponents on a sled and as to weak opponents I mean a little girl riding shotgun while her dad drives. So after training which consisted of turning the handlebar from left to right and forward and back we were ready to get going. I glided through the course taking out my fellow opponents and as I was reaching the end of the course a flash of light came out of nowhere, so as I was getting out of the sled I realized that the light was a camera. Put on a big smile and say, “CHEEEESSE!!!”

2) La-La-La-Laser Tag:
Why haven’t I’ve done this is the US? I mean there must be way for me to see this in the US, but now I had to travel across the world to figure out that Combat Skirmish a.k.a. Laser Tag is insanely awesome. I mean, I’m gamer. I liked playing all of these shooting games and when that horn rang I felt like I was one of the characters in those video games. The place that the laser tag was held at was at a park with plenty of trees, brushes, and rocks where you can hide and take out the other team when they pass by. There were I think 4 types of guns ranging from long range (10 lbs) to short range (3 lbs). I got the long-range gun, which was a bad choice cause I was sweating like a grease monkey and plus I was wearing not so outdoorsy clothes. But overall the laser tag was the pretty cool; there is nothing better than popping cats while you watching your bro’s 6 and he watches your 12.  http://www.combatlasersingapore.com/


3) Ice Monster:
It is so hot in Singapore, so I wanted something that was cold and keeps me cold for a while and Ice Monster delivers. For those that don’t know what Ice Monster is well I consider it to be a restaurant cause of the fact that they serve dinner, lunch and dessert stuff or just visit their website http://www.icemonster.com.ph/. What I liked there the most were their desserts cause there was one thing on the menu that my sister said that we would like and she wasn’t lying. It had mango in cube form with shaved ice and a scoop of strawberry ice cream in the middle. Ice Monster is so good we had to go there again before we left and boy did I enjoy that bowl of awesomeness.


4) Merlion:
So it has a mermaid as the body and has a head of a lion. This is the symbol of Singapore as the Statue of Liberty is to New York. The Merlion is huge I mean it isn’t as big the Statue of Liberty but the Merlion is quite tall and it also spits out water through its mouth so the sight of seeing this massive statue is pretty cool. Being the symbol of Singapore the Merlion gets a lot of tourists like me to head over there and take pictures of it and you can also take a picture of the small Merlion which I would say about 6 feet tall. But overall seeing the Merlion the one thing I could think of was what if it had a mermaid head and a lion body instead?


5) Virtual Land:
For my love for video games I had to explore Singapore and find if there were any type of arcades near my sister’s apartment. So my bro and I are at a tiny escalator that leads to the biggest arcade I have seen in my entire life. This was my domain if you may say.  I mean there are shooting games in which I dominate in and there many other things there from claw games to some type of DJ game. (Sorry Ateh I could have won that elephant… it was right there!) After me and bro got the high score in this game we decided to head on out and to head back home. Virtual Land is great arcade place to play with others or pwn th3m at their own game.


Georgie over and out.



Written by joann

August 23, 2009 at 1:40 am

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