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When the homies came to visit two months ago I took them to the basement of Takashimaya which is one of my favorite places in Singapore. While moseying around deciding between more yakitori or an omelette made of yakisoba Jeff said, “Have you been to the basement of Siam Paragon in Bangkok? I think you would like it.”

This my friends is how I ended up asking Muk to take me to Siam Paragon on my last trip to Bangkok. As luck would have it our hotel (the Grand Hyatt Erawan) is conveniently located within walking distance to Paragon so we had no trouble walking the concrete above ground maze that connects a handful of Bangkok’s finest shopping establishments.

Let’s talk about this mall right quick. It has a BMW dealership. It’s not even on the first floor. It’s, like, on the 3rd floor something crazy like that. Now tell me: how do they even get those cars up there? Do they have a special elevators or something? How often do they switch it up? Does not compute. The rest of the mall is equally impressive with international brands and lots of high end things that neither you nor I can afford even on a good day.

Luckily the basement eats do not require a black credit card of any kind.


I did not know what to do with myself once we got there.

I walked up and down all the aisles a few times to get my bearings.


When push came to shove though I couldn’t pick. I had no idea what half of the things were and everything looked hella good. Which of these was worthy of the limited tummy space? I played the tourist card and made Muk pick.


Two types of spring rolls – fish and pork – with lettuce, lemongrass, and (if I recall correctly) some basil and mint. There’s a fish sauce garlic dip that goes with it. I prefer the pork as the fish was just wee bit too fishy but the combination of the sticky wrapper with the crispy lettuce and tang of the lemongrass finished with teh salty dip was delicious.


Meatball sized mini Thai sausages. Again with two flavors – regular and basil (the darker ones in the bag) – peppery and garlicky with a good snap and not too oily or greasy.


These are Muk’s favorite. They look like tacos but it’s actually a dessert. Crispy crepe-like cookies (think really thin fortune cookies) with coconut milk cream and salty shrimp (I think that’s what the orange stuff is) and some sugary business (the yellow stuff). I didn’t mind either but actually prefered just the cookie with the cream. The two toppings made the whole thing a bit too sweet for me.


Okay I did get one thing on my own. Tornado potato. But not just any tornado potato, BIG GIGANTIC versions of tornado potato with all kinds of flavors. I picked tom yum (we were in Thailand afterall) which was spicy enough to make the lips burn a bit. I finished the whole thing and then felt bad about myself for scarfing down an entire deep fried potato. Oh well.

Later that evening we went back to Paragon to grab iberry (obviously) after dinner. Yet again they were out of baby cones (not cool) but I had some santol and green mango flavored sorbet anyway. Since we were walking off our dinner we ventured into the grocery store which I have to tell you is probably the most amazing grocery store in all of Southeast Asia if not the universe.

Here are a few of my faves.


Right near the entrance are big giant custard apples. I’m convinced the custard apple’s in the Philippines are malnourished. The ones I see in other countries are as big as my face.


Ha ha funny!


Really cute baby pineapples. Don’t you just want to take these home and put them in your pocket? They also have them still in their regular pineapple clothes. I had to stop taking pictures at some point because it’s a little bit weird to be walking around a grocery store taking pictures.

I still have a special place in my heart for Takashimaya (she’s the hometown fave afterall) but I cannot help but to be totally impressed with Siam Paragon. Out of control I tell you.

Siam Paragon: Rama I Road, Pathum Wan, Bangkok, Thailand


Written by joann

August 24, 2009 at 12:02 am

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  1. hi, the green-colour kueh in the bottom right of the first pic.. i wonder what is its actual name. i love it very much but dunno its name.


    April 11, 2011 at 11:15 pm

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