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It amazes me sometimes that I can live on an itty bitty island for a year and still have so many places that I’ve never seen. Before the mooncake class on Saturday, Ruth, Pat, and I met up to have lunch on Arab St. Which, like a dummy, I had never ever been to.


This picture is lovely isn’t it? Big ol’ mosque in the background, palm trees, little shops. Do not be fooled people. It is supremely supremely hot in this picture. Like blistering-equatorial-heat-of-a-thousand-suns kind of hot. Global warming indeed. I hear ya Al Gore. This is a problem.

So, Deli  Moroccan. We heard about this place from a few other coworkers and it’s gotten rave reviews from everyone. My verdict?

First, the food. Good, very tasty, well spiced, and … made me thirsty. I was super super thirsty afterwards which made me think that perhaps the deliciousness of the meal was due in part to some MSG? Not sure. Maybe it was just the intense heat of the day.


First to the party was chicken kofta. Really flavorful balls of minced chicken in a tomato based sauce punched up with olives and onions. There’s some spiciness here but not enough to make your tongue tingle.


We also had the beef kofta. Same meatball business this time without the olives. Both dishes, while sharing the same name and meatball concept, actually tasted quite different in the spice department. Although, I can’t place exactly what makes them unique. I liked the chicken one a little bit better bc I’m sort of a sucker for olives.


We also had some pita and hummus dip to start the meal off right.

Do you sense this post is holding back a bit?

Okay let’s get down to it. Our lunch there was a bit weird. First up the lady (who I think is one of the owners or maybe the wife of the owner) was super duper nice and welcoming but started walking away while we were mid order so we had to kind of yell the pita and hummus request when she had left our table already. Next, we actually ordered 3 entrees but we only got 2. They gave us our drinks and they were at room temp so we had to ask for cups of ice. Twice. Did I mention it was hotter than heck that day? No thank you on the warm Diet Coke. These are just small annoyances and they wouldn’t stop me from recommending this place or going again since the food is good but it’s just a bit odd.

Lastly, do people order just hummus ever? Don’t you always need something to dip it in? I thought it was weird to have them not come together but maybe other people enjoy hummus differently. Whateva.

Deli Moroccan: 30 Bussorah Street


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September 6, 2009 at 1:06 am

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