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This is the second Saturday in a row where I’ve rolled outta bed at a too early hour. This time it was because of Isaac and Pui and their love of hiking and because of Jade Garden and my love of eating (btw, the Jade Garden at Plaza Singapore = not worth yer time).

Since dinner on Friday including Peking duck. Saturday included a hikety hike hike to burn that overzealous duckie off.


And then afterwards we had some roti.


Bukit Timah is the highest point in Singapore which doesn’t mean much since most of the island is sea level. In any case, I was hurtin’ during the hike. One specific part had me gasping for air and worried about my blood sugar. Holy moly. We went around for a bit and then up to the summit twice. Not bad for a morning.

And then there was roti.

There’s a strip of eateries right near the Courts just outside the entrance to the park. It feels like it’s miles and miles (or kms and kms) away but that’s only because you are completely unfit and dying post-hike. This place is the last of the eateries on the strip so trek on and power through it.


I had my camera on a weird setting so this picture is oddly colored but here you go. This is where we rewarded ourselves with good eats after our Bukit Timah morning.

We started off with the roti prata and curry sauce. I exercised some restraint and had just one bite. As a group, we decided we’d go for the naan today. Garlic naan to be exact.


I love it when they’re not stingy with the garlic. Flaky, stretchy, garlicky, just a wee bit crusty naan fresh from the oven.


Here are the naans being born. Right next to the naan birthing place is the wall o’chicken. Very festive I think.


What’s the difference? Various herbs and spices and marinades I’m sure. The effect reminds me of Christmas. Looks like garland strung up outside. So far I’ve talked about hiking, being born (it is Labor Day weekend… har har), and Christmas. This post is officially a mess.


You don’t have to pick just one chicken, friends. You can have a little bit of all of ’em. My faves were the green and red ones. Since, ya know, I love Christmas.


We also had some butter chicken which was super delicious – creamy and spicy and just awesome. Use the naan to sop up the extra sauce.


This is breaded fish in a thick curry-ish sauce. It was the only miss of our entire meal. Suuuuuper salty. You could taste the salt right when the fish hit your tongue. Yikes.


We went the extra mile with some beehoon complete with a lightly fried egg on top. I didn’t think the beehoon stood up very well to the prep but the overall taste was ok . There’s some unidentified protein here also. Might be fishcake.


We tried to order vegetables and ended up with paneer. Way to go. This only counts if pulverized spinach counts as a vegetable dish. The paneer here is lovely though. Nice consistency somewhere between soft chese and hard tofu.

We complimented our feast with iced Milos and lime juice (ack super sweet) which we gulped down to quell the dehydration.

Thumbs up for Bukit Timah and thumbs for Al Ameen and his eating house.

Al Ameen Eating House (wow they have a website!): 4 Cheong Chin Nam Road, Bukit Timah, Singapore


Written by joann

September 7, 2009 at 6:59 pm

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