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Hotpot, steamboat, shabu shabu. Different names, same thing – lazy restaurant that makes you do all the cooking.

MK Trendy is a hotpot chain in Bangkok known especially for their special dipping sauce. Sweet and salty and just a smidge spicy with sesame seed and cilantro for added smiles.


I wasn’t blown away by the food here but I’m sharing because MK Trendy has a few things that you really need to see to believe.

First the boring stuff.

Here’s the variety platter with the normal steamboat stuff. Enoki muhrooms, beancurd, corn, tofu, seaweed, etc.


Swimming together to their doom. Notice they’ve been joined by various fishballs and cakes. There’s some sliced pork in there too.


Ready for the random? Thought so.

Here ya go, have some green noodles. Is it supposed to be green tea flavored? Pandan? Nobody knows. Tastes ok but why do they have to be green?


To match, here’s green tea and black sesame tofu. These were delicious. Almost too cute to eat. Almost.


And then there was dancing.


Thumbs up for any establishment willing to break into a choreographed dance mid-dinner.

And now for the trendy in MK Trendy…


Nutritional breakdown of your meal. All of those fishcakes pushed us up into 340 calories per person. If I got one of these at all of the places I eat, I would probably be a little more discerning with my order.

MK Trendy: this outlet at Siam Square directly across from Siam Paragon


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September 9, 2009 at 8:09 pm

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