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I wrote this post awhile back and scheduled it for delivery tonight but wanted to put a plug in for folks who want to help the people of the Philippines. To find ways to help or track down more information visit Google’s Typhoon Ondoy page.


Hooray! More Vietnamese food in Vietnam!

My last meal in Vietnam was bánh canh (erm I think that’s what it was called) at Tân Hoàng Ty. Plates of boiled pork, pickled veggies, cucumber, crepes, and crazy heaping piles of unknown herbs.

Heaping piles. No lie. So heaping that for the first time ever I’m gonna show my face up on this blog just so you have some context.


Look at it. This is for 2 people. The heck! My face when they brought it out -> O_O.

So what we’re gonna do here people is basically make our own spring roll.  Follow me.

First take some pork. We got some pork hock for you here.


Don’t like? What about pork belly? Everybody likes pork belly.


Then choose some herbs. Recall the gigantor pile of 3 pictures ago. The only thing I recognized from te pile was green onion and basil. Who knows what the rest of it was.


You’re gonna need those pickled radishes and carrots. Oh and the bean sprouts and cucumbers.


Last but not least. Load up on some of the shrimp paste.


Pile it on up!


And now roll it on up!


Crepes were quite gummy, pork was nice – not too porky and the fatty bits werent too chewy, pickled bits were my fave, herbs were hit or miss (it took me awhile to figure out which ones I liked best), shrimp paste – usually my fave but this one was spiked with garlic and some other flava that was not crackin.

Address below. Duong says this place is pretty well known in HCMC.



Written by joann

September 28, 2009 at 9:39 pm

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