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I’m using the royal WE so you can live vicariously through me.

This is your Dublin intro post. A leisurely walk through my first few days in the Dubs. It involves the mall, French stuff, and fried fish.

I landed around midday in Dublin so I had to power through and stay up until atleast 8pm to try and shake off the jetlag. To make sure those hours melted away as fast as can be I headed to the mall (shocking) where I rifled throug the H&M racks and acquainted myself with Penney’s. I also indulged in some mall food.

Pizza, of course. Toppings were ok, the crust was meh. At least the cheese wasn’t weird like it often is in Asian pizzas. Cheese is not a strong point for Southeast Asia. Sorry.


Since I was doing so good whippin’ jet lag’ butt, I treated myself to some pistachio ice cream from an Aussie chain. It was alright but not particularly memorable.


On Monday night, Barbara and her husband invited us over to try out some of the French food they had lying around. Check out this sausage. I feared some rogue gaminess but it was all clear. The French, in addition to knowing their wines and cheeses, know their sausage as well. Well done.


And yah there was cheese.


A big old platter of them. Mostly cow’s milk but I think one sheep and one goat – I stayed away from those but enjoyed the rest. Did we talk about the cheese already?


They also had some chocolate mousse which was both light and airy but rich and creamy. How does that even happen?


On Tuesday night, I left the work party early (yes, there was a work party on a Tuesday) because I was DEAD TIRED. I stopped off at Beshoff Brothers (75 Mespil Road Dublin 4) for some fish and chips to take home. Perhaps owing to the fact I trekked them home and didn’t eat ’em fresh they were just aight. I coulda used more malt vinegar I think. This box cost me about 9 Euros. (That’s like SGD19!).


Then I plan some dinner meet ups, some homies arrive, and we begin the real eating!


Written by joann

October 1, 2009 at 9:11 pm

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