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I took Joao’s team up on their offer for dinner and joined them at nearby Ely’s for some fancy pub style food.

The night started with Bulmers which is a sweet, lovely Irish pear cider and ended with pannacotta. In between was the main course and some good conversation whereby my work brain got full to the very very brim.


I hear Ely’s was super swanky before but had to change their tune after the recession hit. Their menu is pretty short which I take as a good thing since that means there aren’t a million ingredients in the back just wasting away.

I ordered the chicken pie which was so cute. Buttery and flaky slightly bigger than personal-sized chicken pie with a side of mashed potates and a few asparagus (asparagi?).


Look at that! Potatoes and peas and chicken all hanging out inside that pastry. Indulge. Think about the butter later.


For dessert we split some pannacotta which normally I’m not a big fan of but this was more creamy and less jello-y. Why people like milk jello I will never understand. This was more of a stiff mousse so thumbs up for that. The tart raspberry sorbet is a good compliment but the shortbread I could live without.


The entire meal was about 20 Euros per person.  Complimentary view of the docks included.


Ely Wine Bar: Hanover Quay, Docklands, Dublin 2 (the restaurant is to the right of this picture, across the ways from the red matchstick thingies)


Written by joann

October 2, 2009 at 9:35 pm

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