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Joann meet bangers and mash. Bangers and mash meet Joann.

This is the post where we have some bangers and some mash.

First off by the time we got to Gruel I was not that hungry. We had been starving after work and had some dinner drinks and snacks at Joanne’s (yes, another one). I basically inhaled a bowl of chips so was not so hungry by the time we got to dinner.

Anyhow, the menu is to the point and available on the blackboard. We had some foccaccia and dips to start and then each ordered an entree. The place itself is on a main road and easy to get to. It’s cozy but service is efficient and the servers are nice. It’s one of those places that’s too cool to have things match. I like that.


Here are those sausages and mashed potatoes.


The sausages have a lot of snap and are very juicy. No lean meat here folks. The onions lend a sweetness to the dish (I sound so stuffy saying that but it’s true). The mashed potatoes are good. No extra seasoning required here. Still I could barely finish one sausage let alone enjoy any of the focaccia we had ordered.

See prices on the blackboard. 🙂

Gruel: 68A Dame Street, City Centre, Dublin


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October 3, 2009 at 9:53 pm

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