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Okay where were we with the Dublin food? Wednesday?

By Wednesday the homies were both in town so we wandered around the City Centre browsing menus until we found something tasty. Our original plan was to hit up Elephant & Castle but they were packed to the brim with no open tables until 10pm.

Zaytoons was good. I had the beef barg which was a giant flatbread with beef, onions, yogurt sauce, lettuce, and some red chili sauce something or other. Basically lots of my favorite things all on one plate plus french fries. Heaven.


We also had some hummus which I barely had because I couldn’t even finish the pita I was eating. I think Trader Joe’s has ruined me on hummus for the rest of my life. The ones I have had so far have not been as nice as good ol’ TJ’s. This one was too bean-y.


I like this place. It’s pretty chill and as far as Dublin food goes is pretty affordable.

Zaytoons: 44 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 44


Written by joann

October 7, 2009 at 11:53 pm

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