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During our first Basics class Lynette introduced us to a few folks from Wine & Dine that she said were doing a story about Palate Sensations. This past Saturday Chef Francois said that the article had been included in the November issue which was already out on newsstands.


I had always hoped my first foray into the glossies would be me looking chic on the arm of some Hollywood up and coming star. Not so says the universe.


Ta da! That’s me on the right in the white shirt and doofy smile. I look like my apron is about to choke me.


There I am again in the black and white photo looking serious as the Chef share some words of wisdom. That’s the rest of my team including Charlotte who very nicely gave me a ride to church this week, Lina who you can barely see to Chef’s right, and Jens who is about 2 feet taller than me.


It’s a 2 page spread plus 1 page of recipes from the dishes we made that day. Recognize the soup?

Fun, huh?  Anyway, I hope my next run in with a magazine includes something cooler than a red apron. Pls don’t forget the Hollywood hottie.


Written by joann

October 18, 2009 at 10:44 pm

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