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Guess what we learned in Week 5? You got it right lurkers (I see you lurkers, all 150 or so of you who visit everyday but don’t say a word), it’s PASTA TIME.


Another day, another dough ball sistas and mistas.

You’re gonna need some semolina flour, an egg, and a wee bit of water. The dough ball will just barely hold together that’s how dry it will be.


After resting (dough is always freakin’ resting) you can roll it out all flatsy. Then coax it through the pasta machine inching up on the setting until you’re at 7 or so. Then you start up on some ravioli. The ones pictures above are spinach and goat cheese (ugh I hate goat cheese). Alternatively you can stick the dough through the other pins and make regular ol’ spaghetti or fettuccine.


Lightly flour a kitchen towel and lay ’em down until you’re ready to work with them.


We made some pesto to go with the ravioli which came out tasty but the pictures look NOT CUTE so I’m not gonna bother posting. Ravioli is hard to make, yo. Little pockets of air get stuck and the darn things float in the water like unwanted pool toys. Then when the Chef says ‘take them out when they start floating’ you’ll think ‘er, what if they never stopped floating?’

In other news, we also whipped up a tomato based sauce which will make an appearance later with the fettuccine.

Alrighty, onto the mighty risotto. The pasta that plagues so many. We started with sauteeing some mushrooms.


You set those aside and get ready for some stirring.


Hi bay leaves!

A splash of white wine, a pat of butter, and some spinning right round gets you this.


Al dente, dudes. Keep it all dente.

In another pan heat up some garlic and chilis. You know what’s coming right?


Aglio olio. Dressed up like it’s Christmas.


Too plain for my liking but nice dressed with some other goodies I’m sure.

Now back to our fettuccine friends.


All homemade and delicious.

I’m gonna need a pasta maker.


Written by joann

October 19, 2009 at 11:12 pm

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  1. ravioli is my absolute favourite pasta! now i am kinda worried that after the breadmaking class, i will go and buy muyself one of those overpriced kitchenaid mixers in SG! How bad will that be? then again, i dont think anyone likes me enough to lug a one tonne (almost) kitchen appliance all the way from the US. its a predicament, this.


    October 20, 2009 at 11:49 am

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