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Filleting a fish is not easy  kids. There are sharp knives and bones and fins and a few scales involved.


Sigh, I’m gonna miss spending my Saturdays in the PS kitchen. Here fishy fishy fishy…

We started the class with no time to spare – olive oil is warmed in a pot with coriander seeds and crushed garlic. This will be the dressing for our prawn salad.


Seed and chop tomatoes, slice up some basil and chives and a little bit of onions. Add your salt, pepper, and strained olive oil and set the whole shebang aside.


Have you ever had fish mousse? It sounds kinda gross but came out delicious. We used salmon and threw in some of the sea bass we had filleted earlier. We threw in some ginger and – what I think made it yum – some lime zest. This all went into the blender and then wrapped up in the rest of the sea bass, roulade style.


We wrapped those up sausage like and put them into boiling water to cook. Once again my fears of plastic warp fumes were pushed to the wayside.


Mise en place for teriyaki sauce made from scratch. Apparently, you can do that. From the top row: soy sauce, garlic, carrots, ginger, sugar, onions, mirin, sake.


Bring it to a boil that has the sauce wafting around you like a warm blanket.


Everything but the sake goes into the pot to bring to a simmer. When the sake goes in, you set it ablaze with the stove flame. It seems that this step isn’t *super* important since our sake wouldn’t even light. Chef drizzled in a little bit of dark soy sauce and then added some flour slurry to thicken it up. Strain it and then ta da – teriyaki sauce.


Next to the teriyaki is the beurre blanc which is knock-your-socks-off-slap-your-mama-put-it-on-everything GOOD. Wow. To think all we did was reduce down some white wine, add butter (in chunks – I was whisking and one of the butter pats flew into the air and fell on the floor heh), salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Love you beurre blanc.

These are NOT ninja weapons. These.


Are for these. We learned how to shuck oysters. Then we slurped ’em down.


The teriyaki was brushed onto cod pieces that were baked in the oven. They came out cooked perfectly with a nice glaze.


Some of the sea bass was sliced, battered, and fried up. Chef used San Miguel because he’s down with the Pinoys. One of the poor guys in class was relegated to deep fryer duty.


Avocados and tomatoes on the bottom, prawns on top, and the tomato-olive oil dressing drizzled all over. There was something slightly bitter in the mix but overall the result was fresh and tasty.


The sausage lookin’ things are unwrapped and then sliced. Yah they look a little weird but…


… slap on the beurre blanc and who cares what it looks like.


Daaaaaang. So good.


Written by joann

October 24, 2009 at 11:15 pm

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