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Our last night in Sydney we got all prettified and had a fancy shmancy meal that celebrated all of our inner and outter yuppie-ness.

We considered Tatsuya but could not part with the 3 bills it would take to cover the meal. Someday, someday…  After careful consideration of the menus we opted for est. on George Street. The restaurant sits above the Establishment which is a nice bar and lounge.

We each opted for the Chef’s 5 course menu which had loads of choices. The entire thing cost each of us about AUD200 (including the wine we ordered). The pictures do not do the food justice but let’s not have that stop us from venturing onward. Shall we?

Course 1: trout, cucumber, pink grapefruit, coriander, ponzu, and white sesame

Very refreshing and light. A nice way to start the meal and so pretty to look at.

Let’s have a little moment for the bread. It was DELICIOUS. Really, some of the best bread I’ve had. Chewy and crusty and warm from the oven. We kept asking the bread lady to come back.

Course 2: lobster claw, moreton bay bug, scampi, broad beans, green peas, and chervil

Both the lobster and the scampi were cooked very delicately. They were melt in your mouth delicious. The sauce looks a bit heavy but is actually a nice compliment to the lightness of the lobster. I’m usually not a broad bean fan but when paired with lobster you can’t really go wrong.

Course 3: dory fillet, fennel barigoule, broad beans, tapenade crumbs, and dill oil

I had to get this one for several reasons: dory fish is yummy, I heart tapenade, and dill is one of my favorite herbs. The fish, like, all of the protein I had here, was perfectly cooked. The meat was flaky the skin was crisp. A lil bit of fish, a dusting of tapenade, a broad bean, and there’s a party in your mouth I tell you.

Course 4: black angus beef fillet, saute of mushrooms, horseradish gremolata, thyme jus

Wow this is a nice chunk of beef right here. The horseradish is very strong tasting obviously so most of us pushed it to the side. I had a bit with each bite of my steak because I do like the sorta green flavor it adds to the bite. I don’t like the searing pain of horseradish going up my nose though. I was so full by this point but still enjoyed the perfectly cooked steak, tasty but not overly oily jus, and nice side of ‘shrooms.

Course 5: I don’t have the official menu listing for this but it was beignets, a sorbet, and I believe a vanilla bean pannacotta-ish/pie with hazelnuts

Yum, beignets. Candied hazelnuts, real vanilla beans, all around deliciousness. I had no complaints about my dessert.

They give you a plate of little goodies to end the night with. We were stuffed but nibbled on the housemade jelly candy, chocolate truffle, and fruit tart.

My pictures are super dark since we went there for dinner. This blog has really awesome pictures from a lunch there. Check it out if you get a chance.

The place is quite fancy so dress accordingly. While it’s not so easy on the wallet, you get what you pay for. The service is top notch, the setting is beautiful, and the food will leave you with no regrets. Make reservations.

est. The Establishment Hotel, Level 1, 252 George St, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2000


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January 17, 2010 at 7:00 pm

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