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Okay foodies, that’s enough lollygagging.

I’m back to blogging with 14 days of posts teed up for you. We have a lot of catching up to do.

We’ll wrap things up in Sydney, make a quick stop in the Philippines, take a break in Singapore, head Stateside, then head back home to the shores of the Lion City. Got all that? Let’s do it!


Sometimes my friends are so mean.

Here I am. Living in Singapore. Traveling many hours to meet up with them in Sydney. Guess what they want to eat when we get there? Roti.

Ugh do they hate me or something? I live in, like, roti central and it’s, like, 2 bucks here. Why would I go all the way to Sydney and eat roti? I should be eating kangaroo or emu or something.

When we first swung by the line was too long and our hunger too eager so we ended up elsewhere (no kangaroo or emu, more Asian food but that’s a story for another day). On one of the days I simply gave in and agreed to trying Mamak for lunch.

Admittedly, the place does have a lure. There’s  big window where you can see the rotis being stretched and pounded and otherwise tortured. That combined with the smell of clarified butter is a potent siren song.

Okay Mamak, let’s see what this wannabe Singaporean has to say about you.

As the person who lives closest to Malaysia, I got the honor of ordering for the table. I ordered a plate of mee goreng because you can’t really go wrong with fried noodles.

Their version was nice. A bit on the oily side but had lots of egg bits and bean sprouts and that formidable black soy sauce base.

Everyone got their own roti canai which came twisted up with two different curry sauces. The roti was good! Crispy and crackly in some bits and chewy in others but buttery, flaky goodness throughout.

We got a veggie curry which like the dipping curries was only so-so. Definitely lacked in the flavor department. It was salty but not spicy enough – not hot-spicy but spice-spicy. The curry flavor doesn’t really shine through. Maybe they tone it down for the local palate?

I also ordered us fried chicken which was delicious. A slightly spicy flavorful batter surrounding big honking pieces of chicken.

The pic in the intro is our dessert of banana roti. The roti dough was good but the banana they used I think weren’t sweet enough.

Overall, thumbs up on the roti, mee goreng, and fried chicken, thumbs only so-so on the curry. Careful when you go – no reservations means you might be in for a long wait.

Mamak: 15 Goulburn St. Haymarket, Sydney, Australia.


Written by joann

January 17, 2010 at 2:21 am

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