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My love of kdramas is well documented on this blog. Since I’m coming off an illness my obsession with them is in full swing (I usually slog my way through illnesses by watching hours and hours of my beloved kdramas). Right now I’m watching Full House for the umpteenth time. I forgot how bad my version of this is – the subtitles are baaaahd.

Anyhow, watching kdramas also makes me crave Korean food. That in turn reminded me that I had these pictures which I never posted.

Banchan is the most photogenic of foods. Always colorful and pretty.

This trip to Chang Korean BBQ was a precursor to a night out at KSuites which is a new higher end karaoke joint at the new Iluma mall in Bugis.

I’ve seen this at one other Korean restaurant before and I always find it hilarious. Would you like the Autumn Tale meal or perhaps the Spring Waltz lunch set? It would be like if you went to a an American restaurant and they had a Gossip Girl set meal and a CSI special. It’s weird but admittedly kinda fun.

The banchan at Chang is pretty good. This salad of cabbage and radish and alfalfa with the pineapple (?) dressing is very nice.

They also had my favorite anchovies which I went all piggy on.

I ordered the kimchi stew with tuna. It was good but I think next time I’ll go with the pork. Fully cooked tuna reminds me of canned tuna. That’s not a good thing even though I like a good tuna sandwich.

I actually wanted the soondubu but hate it when it comes out and the tofu is in blocks. SOFT tofu soup people. It’s impossible to find in Singapore. I’ve stopped looking. Overall, Chang was ok. I’d try it again as I feel like the soup was a super small bit of their menu and not enough to make a full judgment.

Lastly, I feel inclined to share that my Korean food cravings vary depending on what drama I’m watching.

Full House = bibimbap (The two leads eat it out of a metal pot fairly frequently in the drama. Luckily, bibimbap is easy to find in Singapore.)

Palace = bulgogi lettuce wraps (The girl’s family stuffs their faces with these. Easy enough to find but takes more effort.)

Witch Yoo Hee = jjangmyun (The guy’s family owns a restaurant that serves the stuff. Man, it looks super delicious when they slurp up the noodles. Easy to find, not too hard to make.)

My Girl = fruit (They are always eating freaking fruit in this show.)

Kim Sam Soon = desserts (Sam Soon is a pastry chef, everything always looks delicious.)

Boys Over Flowers = fish cake and ddeokboki (The guy downs a bunch of fish cake sticks at the street stall and the girl stops to get ddeokboki a few times.)

I miss living near a Korean grocery store where these things can be stocked up for any impromptu kdrama viewing days. Hmph.

Chang Korean BBQ: 201 Victoria Street #04-04 Iluma, Bugis, Singapore

BTW, KSuites is a nice place to Karoake! It’s pricier but waaaay nicer than the regular places.


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January 23, 2010 at 7:00 pm

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  2. most american restaurants serves fatty foods that is why sometimes i avoid them ,,`

    Folding Table

    November 22, 2010 at 8:23 pm

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