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ana – sin to lax via nrt

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That’s a lot of acronyms. For the uninitiated that’s All Nippon Airways – Singapore to Los Angeles via Narita (Tokyo).

I took ANA on my home since they had a good deal going for holiday flights. I had 3 meals coming in and going out. Before we jump into the food some musings and takeaways:

1. The planes are nice and the staff is friendly.

2. The movie selection is just ho-hum. Maybe I’ve been traveling too much lately but I had seen most of the movies already.

3. The requisite airplane snack comes right before the meal. It goes snack + drink followed immediately after by food + drink then tea then coffee then tea. It’s like a food ambush.

4. They don’t have ginger ale. What the heck?

5. You have to pay extra for other snacks outside of mealtime.

6. The connecting schedules are awesome – 1.5 hours or so. Just enough time to stretch you legs, pop into a store, run to the bathroom, and then be on your way.

Now on to meal 1.

Here we have Japanese style chicken curry (meh) with 4 peas (why 4?). Cold roasted chicken (cold chicken skin is ew) and pickled cabbage salad (good) as a side. Then a lemony chiffon cake for dessert (just ok). The bread on ANA, I’m sad to say (hey that rhymes), is not heated up so it’s a cold hockey puck of a thing.

A quick stop in Narita and we are officially California-bound. Meal 2.

See how I haven’t finished my snack of rice crackers and I already have to eat my meal?

Braised mushrooms and other veggies (good) with rice, potato salad (ok), smoked salmon (smelly but good), cold meat (heavily pocked in fat, dnw), cold noodles (good) and cheese and crackers (always good). I think the dessert here was ice cream which I had a bit of but dairy on planes always turns me off.

Sleep for about 6 hours, wake up and be greeted by breakfast.

Color me horrified. The entire plane is going to smell like maple syrup for the next 4 hours. OH NO.

Luckily that didn’t happen. Phew.

Anyway, you got pancakes (ok), sausages (good), a bun (not good), yogurt (pass), and some fruits in syrup (too sweet but ok).

As you can see the meals on the flight had some good variety. Not the best by far but certainly you won’t be starving. Now only if they’d stock some ginger ale.


Written by joann

January 24, 2010 at 7:00 pm

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