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I started my homeward bound tour in LA because I had not seen my LA friends in their natural habitat for probably something close to 3 years. Plus I love them and so when it was time to head home, I aimed south first. First off, can I just say I ate RIDICULOUSLY well while I was in Southern California? Like, every meal was super good. No complaints whatsoever from this eater. I’d name a cuisine and an hour or so later I was stuffed to the gills.

My first meal on California soil was Mexican food but the place was pitch dark and I was damn hungry so there was no time for pictures. Dinner was sushi with bad track lighting but I’m a determined little lady and dammit we were gonna have pictures with this meal.

It was cold and rainy that night and the wait time was horrifying but we toughed it out and were handsomely rewarded.

I like it how this is the only picture that came out super clear and it’s not even a picture of a sushi.

I’m so lame sometimes.

We each ordered the all you can eat sushi dinner meal and had our selection off dozens of types of sushi. I didn’t do any ordering – I let the experts handle that. I was too busy shoveling food down the pie hole and snapping pictures.

We started off simple. This is yellow tail I think. Whatever it was it was delicate and sweet and good.

Then we got into it wit the rolls. This was fried to perfection and criss crossed with spicy mayo and unagi sauce.

A different spin on spicy tuna plus some roe up in the back there.

Sweet shrimp with fried shrimp heads. This was alarming at first but I watched my friends and followed suit. The deep frying and batter make the entire shrimp head chompable. I couldn’t bring myself to eat the eyes. Not because I’m grossed out but because I thought they might be too hard to bite on.

Delicious. The sweet shrimp themselves are always a bit weird to me – sorta slimy and gummy – but the shrimp heads. Wow. Lots of flavor.

More delicious rolls. Drool.

AYCE dinner is $25.95 with some dishes – like the shrimp heads – requiring extra charges. It’s a great deal and all of the rolls we had featured fresh fish in nice, complimentary combinations. There are a lot of fried or California based rolls for the squeamish but good high quality sashimi for real fish lovers.

Their website has their full menu so you can plan your gameplan beforehand.

Midori’s: 13905 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, California 91423

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January 25, 2010 at 7:00 pm

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  1. yay! You finally blogged about being home! I miss you more now….and I freaked out when I saw that I hadn’t read 16 posts!


    February 4, 2010 at 3:16 pm

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