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Dinner #1 in the Bay Area was a meal at Boiling Crab with Sara, Jane, Lizzie, and Tolu (all of whom I share horrific temp memories with). We like to call these Friendship Renewal Dinners. You see, we’re friends. Good friends even. But we never see each other. When we do, we pick up right where we left off and our friendship continues refueled by our recent meetup and musings.

Boiling Crab was a personal request since I’ve heard that it recently made its way to the Bay Area. It’s in South San Jose (like super south, like the second to the last exit before you’re officially Gilroy-bound) and actually not far from my godparent’s old hood off of Capitol Expressway and Silver Creek Road.

This, my friends, is going to require a plastic bib.

Here’s the deal with Boiling Crab (I want to write ‘BC’ but that reminds me of birth control which is NOT what we’re talking about right now): you’re gonna eat straight up off the table (covered with butcher paper obvs but no plates and no silverware of any kind). You are gonna get your food in plastic bags. You are gonna use your hands and get really messy.  Eat this meal with people you like. That don’t have swine flu or mono or any other biznaz. You are going to be all UP in each other’s grill.

You’ll order things by the pound and will pick a seasoning for each. They have 4 types including Rajun Cajun, Lemon Pepper, and Garlic Butter but most everyone just gets The Whole Sha-bang which is all of the 3 mixed together. You also pick the spice level: non spicy (for weeniecakes), mild (for weaksauces), med (for regular people), and xxx (for bold stars OR people who don’t need to taste their food too much).

We ordered 1 dungeness crab (mild shebang), 2 lbs of crawdads (xxx shabang), 3 lbs of shrimp (med shabang), 1 order of fried shrimp, 2 orders of sweet potato fries, and a couple of corn on the cob (cobs of corn?). Total for that and a few drinks was $100.

The verdict: num nums with a few ‘but’s’.

The  crab was good but the nature of the thick skin and the way you eat crab doesn’t make for a lot of sauce to meat action.

The crawdads were tasty and the spiciness doesn’t quite hit ya until awhile into it but all of that work and all of that weight for not very much meat is not satisfying.

The shrimp was the best since you really get to enjoy the sauciness.

Thumbs up for the fried shrimp too.

Sweet potato fries were good but not out of this world.

Corn on the cobs or corns on the cob were buttery and soaked in hot sauce. Makes a mess on your face but makes your belly happy.

I wouldn’t wait 2 hours for this stuff but I would definitely swing by again and take some home to eat in the comfort of my own kitchen (probably with a giant plate of rice and some vinegar for the crab).

The bonus of eating there though is you don’t have to clean the mess.

See ya next time, Boiling Crab.


Written by joann

January 28, 2010 at 7:00 pm

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  1. This is a worthwhile way to raise our colesterol levels when you swing by in February!


    January 29, 2010 at 12:49 pm

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