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My friend Phi is dead serious about Vietnamese food. I never expect to be eating Vietnamese when I’m with her because she has high standards for the stuff. Color me surprised when I asked her and Adeste to dinner and she suggested Vung Tau near downtown San Jose.

Obviously, this meal was gonna be dang good.

I was having some stomach difficulties so I couldn’t indulge as much as I would have liked.

The restaurant isn’t your usual hole in the wall Vietnamese place. It’s quite nice with soft lighting, cozy booths, and a super big menu to choose from. I got a vermicelli bowl with shrimp and beef. I didn’t take a ton of pictures but you get the idea here. Look how nice and succulent that shrimp looks up there.

Nicely chargrilled meats rolled up cigar-size. The bowl came with a dipping sauce of fish sauce which of course is a nice compliment. Underneath the noodles are some veggies. You can toss up the whole bowl to get all the flavors well distributed.

If I come back here, I’m going to get what Phi got which were these pressed noodle cake things that she could wrap lettuce-wrap style around her grilled meat.

It’s a bit more expensive than your regular Vietnamese fare but it won’t break the bank. Most entrees are still under $10.

Vung Tau: 535 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose,  California 95112


Written by joann

January 29, 2010 at 7:00 pm

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