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Today I share a tale of prayer, embarassment, and hamburgers.

I started this Sunday with going to church. Hallelujah! I finally made it after not going since before I went home for the holidays. When you go to church do you ever get weirded out when the sermon pertains to something you’re worried about or have on your mind? I like that feeling. I also like the feeling when you go to church and just feel like you can reset and clear your mind a bit. For any Singapore folks, I go to ARPC and while I’m not a member I’ve always found the church to be really nice and welcoming.

That was the prayer part.

Post-church I hurried home to meet my landlord’s agent because they had to take a look at the growing watermark that is coming from my upstairs neighbor. I was late so he was already in my apartment (I told them a long time ago it was ok to come in to fix things, etc) but whoops my house was a mess. Shoes on the floor, mail everywhere, random clothes here and there. Whoopsie. Heh heh.

That was the embarassment part.

I went to Raffles City to pick up some craft supplies and then pondered over dinner. Should I go to Pepper Lunch Express (my go-to fave)? Maybe some pad thai? Japanese food? I decided I wanted to eat at home so I honed in on getting something to go.

Then I saw a sign for pulled pork sandwiches and asked for a table and forgot about how much I wanted to sit on the couch and watch more kdramas.

I am such a sucker for pulled pork.

The Handburger is in the basement of Raffles City just around the ways from Din Tai Fung and right behind the Soup Spoon. It has a sister location at the new Somerset 313. When I stopped by around 5pm for an early dinner the place was nearly empty with 2 couples and 1 other lone eater (like myself).

The place is nicely decorated in a modern style with ample lighting and cafeteria style long tables. The service was ok but the staff seemed a bit bored. I wanted a refill of water but the server didn’t swing my way with the jug. I couldn’t catch her eye and it was near the end of my meal so I didn’t fret over it too much.

Now for the food.

The menu at The Handburger can be kind of shocking. They have a big ol’ sign out front which touts their fancy shmancy $17 burgers. Upon closer review you’ll see they have other reasonably priced items like their slider specials, desserts, and sides.

I started with the onion rings which barely edged out the duo of sweet potato and regular fries.

Meh. I don’t think I’d order these again. I like my onion rings heavily battered and super crispy. Some of these were sorta crispy but some were soggy which left a heavy oily taste. The seasoning on the batter and the homemade bbq and spicy coleslaw-y sauce were both good but the onions are supposed to star and they fell short.

You can order 2, 3, or 4 sliders depending on how hungry you’re feeling. Your choices are: battered dory, pulled pork, signature Handburger, and some bleu cheese mess which you know was NOT happening.

I started off with the dory which is battered in what is slightly more seasoned than the onion rings. The bread was soft and chewy (yay), the veggies were crisp and fresh (yay), and there was just enough sauce to add some extra flavor without giving you a coronary (yay). My only gripe was that the bread to batter to fish meat ratio was off. Maybe it was just the cut I got but I want to see some fish up in there.

There are not many pulled pork sandwiches to be had in Singapore (yet another dearth). I’m totally spoiled by my employer and back in California they serve some darn good pulled pork right in the office. Hence, whenever I see a sign for pulled pork I make a beeline like my future happiness depends on it. The verdict for The Handburger’s pulled pork: good.

Not oh-man-take-all-my-friends-here-tmrw-good but definitely hey-im-gonna-eat-pulled-pork-here-again-good. As with the other sliders all the accoutrements are top notch. The pork itself is tender and adequately juicy. The bbq sauce is more sweet and sour than smoky but is overall tasty. Thumbs up to you pulled pork sandwich, we can be friends.

I saved the best for last.

I put this burger up to my mouth and got a whiff of… beef.

The grind is fresh and chunky (they could probably go a little finer since I got one bit of gristle that I couldn’t chew down, but no biggie) and really the thing is just straight up meaty. That is rare on this cow-less island. The cheese is a nice compliment and the whole thing tastes like a hamburger you would make in your backyard on the 4th of July. Yum.

The whole shebang set me back about SGD17 ($5 for the onion rings, $10 for the sliders,  plus GST and service charge). Overall, I’d recommend the place. It’s a cute little place, it has some tasty looking fancy burgers on the menu, and so far they have 2 things I haven’t been able to enjoy elsewhere in Singapore: pulled pork and a backyard burger.

That was the hamburgers part.

The Handburger: Raffles City #B1-77/78 open from 11:3am to 10pm daily


Written by joann

January 31, 2010 at 9:21 pm

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