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I went to the Olympics. Turn away if you can’t stand the craziness of the idea. Even I have trouble believing it all.

One day I was sweating it out in Singapore and the next day I was bundled up with the best of ’em in Vancouver. Life is full of surprises.

Vancouver is one good looking city. It’s got a bustling downtown area with all the requisite big buildings and beaaaautiful waterfront areas with lots of greenery and pretty views. Nice work , Canada.

I went to three events while I was in Vancouver (all of which were in the first week of the Games).

First up was Men’s Hockey, US vs Switzerland. We won. Sorry, Switzerland.

Then we sat in the second row of the Men’s Figure Skating Short Program. Wooooow!

Here’s Johnny Weir being fabulous. He was really robbed. He skated flawlessly but ended up 6th. Makes no sense.

We were sitting near center rink and the Kiss n’ Cry is on the far end so here’s a super zoomed in shot of Evan Lycasek (zee Olympic champion) after his short program. He’s tanned and gelled to within an inch of his life (I mean, he’s dangerously close to Jersey Shore status) but he’s still pretty amazing.

We took a sunrise drenched coach to Whistler to catch our next event, the Women’s Downhill.


Lindsey Vonn takes the gold and Julia Mancuso takes the silver. The US was really rocking it the first week of the Olympics, no?

We had two fancy, shmancy meals while we were there. Both of them lived up to the hype.

The first was here at Lumiere in Vancouver. It was so fancy (and so dim) that I couldn’t bear to break out the camera. I had some of the best beef of my life coupled with perfect wine.

The next was at Araxi at the village in Whistler. I’ll have a full post about this. Gordon Ramsey should be proud.

I also ate plenty of concessions food. As if I was gonna eat fancy food at the hockey game. I know how this biznaz works.

Meet me in Sochi?


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March 17, 2010 at 7:59 pm

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