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Remember when I went to London? No? Okay, well I went to London. It was en route to Omagh which is Northern Ireland which is where I was headed for a wedding between an Irish lady and a Portuguese guy who are now expecting a baby that will be raised in Singapore. You follow?

I rolled up to London with 1 piece of luggage, 1 carry on, and 1 flu and met up with 1 brother of mine named Joshua. At some point during our trip we pigged out on 1/2 a chicken and about 10 wings. This is that story.

After the flu started retreating the brother and I were finally able to hit up a few restaurants and enjoy some meals. We stayed at Earl’s Court which has plenty of little restaurants around to hit up – perfect for grabbing dinner post-heavy duty sightseeting.

Apparently Nando’s is a pretty well known chain of restaurants that started in South Africa. Coincidentally, the first Nando’s opened in Singapore (it’s at Bugis Junction) around the same time that I was enjoying it in London. Anyhow, if the pic above didn’t tip you off, Nando’s is all about the chicken – mostly grilled and ideally slathered in a hot sauce made of peri-peri chilis.

We started with 1/2 a chicken with lemon herb dressing (ideal for any spice-averse folks). The chicken is plenty juicy and while the lemon herb dressing is not sooo remarkable (understandable since it’s not what they are known for) it’s still good eats.

Sure, Josh and I are jet setters but deep down inside we’re just all-American kids who grew up on KFC. When asked what sides we’d like we picked coleslaw and mashed potatoes. Sure, there was rice and peas but let’s not pretend those were even considered. The mashed potatoes were plenty creamy (Brits know their mash) the coleslaw I found to be decent too.

Since we were trying to be healthy, I ordered a Mediterranean style salad for us. Super lovely feta cheese, fat olives, fresh tomatoes – just what my salad-deprived Singapore resident self needed.

Yum, nothing better than warm egg tarts. These were flaky on the outside and not too eggy on the inside. One for brother and one for sister.

Ate (that’s Filipino for big sister), um, can we order some wings or something? I’m still hungry.”

Josh has an appetite on him and I found this the perfect opportunity to actually taste some of that peri-peri sauce. We got 1o wings split into medium and hot. I thought it was a bit weird that they served them so segregated on the plate like that but there’s a good reason for this – that hot sauce. It is really super duper HOT. Unless you’re a chili lover (hi, Thai and Indonesian palettes) then the hot is probably a wee bit too hot for you. Stick with the rest of us weaksauces with the medium.

Oh, also, the whole ’10 wings’ thing. They serve them with the drummette and the wing still attached so you’re actually double the pieces. We definitely had more than we could handle – both in heat and in quantity.

Our grand total was around GBP27 (approx USD42) pretty pricey for two people but we probably could have gone without the extra wings at the end which set us back another GBP9.

I enjoyed our stop at Nando’s. A lil’ chicken, a lil’ egg tart, a lil’ tongue on fire makes for a good dinner.

Nando’s, Earl’s Court: 204 Earl’s Court Road, London, UK SW5 9QF

Written by joann

October 20, 2010 at 8:00 pm

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